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What are the different types of crime?


Mayavadi Rajesh

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Crime – we always get afraid just by listening to this word, but unfortunately, it is everywhere in the World, from a village to even in a posh society. Many laws are implemented to stop or reduce the risks of crimes. But still, it is not completely stopped. The list of criminal cases has seen no much change even in this 21st century.

To get a deep understanding, first, we need to know about the different types of crimes.

As there are many types of Crimes but for better understanding, we categorized it into four different types –

  1. Personal Crimes
  2. Inchoate Crimes
  3. Property crimes
  4. Statutory crimes

Let’s elaborate on each section in detail:

  1. Personal Crimes – it is the offense or crime that includes physical or mental harm to a person, or we can say when the Criminal physically or mentally injures a victim. Have a look at some of its examples;
    i. Assault – it is the threatening of causing harm, which brings fear into the victim.
    ii. Battery – it is the action of causing harm by badly physical touching to the person without his or her consent.
    iii. False imprisonment
    iv. Rape
    v. Homicide – is the act of killing someone. It can be intentionally, unintentionally or accidentally. In short, it includes any volitional activity, which in result causes death.

  2. Inchoate Crimes – the word “Inchoate” means “incomplete”. Now you can easily understand what kind of a crime is this. It includes crimes that begin with the intention to complete but couldn’t complete. So the crimes which are incomplete due to any reason are categorized into Inchoate crime.
    i. Attempt
    ii.  Solicitation – when a person hires, commands, or requests some other person to commit a crime.
    iii. Conspiracy – when a group of people plans secretly to perform the criminal act.

  3. Property Crime – it doesn’t include any physical harm from person to person. It consists of the disobey of laws and crimes related to the right of using the property.
    i. Larceny
    ii. Embezzlement – when a person illegally takes over the property or money for his personal use that is entrusted to him.
    iii. Robbery
    iv. Forgery – when a person takes the sign from the other person in unauthorized and in a fraud way.
    v. Arson – when a person fires and damages the property of an individual.

  4. Statutory Crimes includes both personal and property crimes.
        Eg.  Alcohol-related crimes

We also categorized the crimes into two, based on seriousness.

  1. Felony – includes serious crimes such as kidnapping and murder.
  2. Misdemeanor – opposite to Felony, it involves less serious crimes.

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