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What are the challenges of human resource managers?


Stella C

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  1. Employment and company laws keep on changing from time to time. As an HR, he/she must keep a look at the updated laws and deal with the employees which can be a great challenge. Every time the law's changes, business gets affected. Always remain acquainted with the Labor Laws.

  2. Not only the laws, but the management strategies also go on changing in the company. As a result, the employees find it harder to cope with the changes every time. The HR is responsible to directly talk and listen to the employees and make them used to the changing strategies for the business needs. For this, they need to conduct meetings and group discussions which may be very challenging.

  3. A company succeeds more if it can develop the leadership qualities among the employees. But most of the companies face a failure regarding this. As an HR, it is a great challenge. He/she needs to keep on motivating, create opportunities to prove their growth and develop skills.

  4. Another challenge of an HR is conducting the training and development of lower-level employees. Training and development programs need proper mentors and managers and even online courses. These may be very time consuming and elaborative.

  5. It is already said that a company grows more when it constantly keep on updating itself along with the technology. But this is also not that easy to follow. Constantly keeping the employees get adaptive with the innovations can be a great challenge for the HR, if there is a lack of strong communication and goals,

  6. The most important challenge for an HR begins when it comes to the negotiation of compensation, wages, and benefits of the employees. Wages may vary from company to company and employees want to get the best. There are many similar size companies with differences in payroll budgets. It is very difficult for HR to keep a hold of the employees by making them satisfied with their compensations.

  7. During the times of medical needs or legal procedures, it is very important to check that no employees get deprived. If somehow the employees have a feeling of discrimination, it may create a dispute.

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