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What are the best strategies for social media marketing?


Tanuja Chaudhuri

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Social media marketing has become a powerful medium to reach a high audience base. Millions of businesses use social media strategies to grow and generate high revenues for their business. Around 30% of businesses use these to grow their business. Given below are some of the most effective and proven social media marketing strategies.

  • Develop Social Media Goal 

The foremost thing is to set a goal. Social media marketing is not as light as you think. It should be planned and executed well. Research revealed that people with written goals are 30 times more successful than the ones with just goals in their head or no goals at all. Plan well according to your business and trigger your target customers.

  • Find out your social media audiences

About 79% of the population uses Facebook, but that's not enough. You have to research on the fact that whether your target customers are among them Here, lies your success. Research on the attractive demographics and the platforms most used by your audience.

  • Plan your post

Just finding out your audience and keeping them will never be a good strategy. Engage them with posts. Post the contents which educate, inform and entertain them. Just promoting your brand may not help you in your goal. Treat them with 20% of brand promotion and 80% of entertainment. Create a posting schedule and have a systematic plan for your social media activities.

  • Keep Customer Support Service Up to the Mark

Having a reliable customer support service is a booster for any business. This is probably one of the best strategies to build trust among your customers. Here, you can set automated bots which can reply to peoples queries in a faster way. There are plenty of automated tools available in the market which can enhance customer support service and respond to the consumers in a better way.

  • Paid Advertising is Essential

Regardless of free advertising available on social media, nothing can beat the power of paid advertising. With the right kind of paid advertising, you can generate leads in a short period. All you need is to pick the right paid advertising platform which supports your niche. 

  • Take help of an Influencer

Apart from spending money on expensive advertisement, you can take the advice of a social media influencer. Maybe a person with at least 20K following in your niche can do the job for you. All you need is to keep a meeting with them, tell them about your business and let influencers do their job.