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What are the best operating systems for gaming?


Alpa Dutt

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Ready Gamers? Here are some of the best Operating Systems for playing games. But moving on to the topic, a quick definition of the Operating system is as follows.

An Operating System is a system software responsible for controlling other software and different hardware. It is the bridge that gap between software and hardware.

Here’s the list of the top Operating Systems for your games.

  • Windows 10

    One of the very recent developments from Microsoft is the Windows 10 version. It supports almost all the latest games in their full framerate, depending on your hardware backup. The most promising feature of Windows 10 is its integration with Direct X 12, which allows each game to extract more from the GPU and CPU, which increases their performance, and in turn the overall gaming experience.

    It is highly compatible and supports over 20,000 games, and the support from Direct X makes Windows 10 future proof.

  • Windows 7

    It might be old, but it is one of the most promising versions of Windows version ever released. Windows 7 is supported with the latest version of Direct X, is easy to install, and is crash-proof, making this version a very compelling OS among the gamers. It supports a lot of vibrant colors, which is a must to have for playing games, and it is much more customizable than Windows 10. Demerits include its lower resistance to virus attacks and the lack of Direct X 12.

  • Windows  8

    Windows 8 is another popular version of Windows OS among gamers. It supports most of the game in their full framerates, depending on your hardware backup. Since it has been out in the market for a very long time, it has no driver issues, making all their hardware work seamlessly. It lacks support from Direct X 12, which means that it isn’t future-proof and you won’t be able to run the recent games that are/will be launched. However, you can choose from over 20,000 different game titles, and keep yourself busy during your weekends.

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