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What are the best alternatives to XAMPP?


Jane F. Wunsch

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Xampp is one of the open-source applications that is mainly used for testing. Programmers can easily create a local web server by utilizing Xampp. It is compatible with operating systems like Microsoft, Mac, Linux and is very much user-friendly. It is powered by Apache, Perl, and MySql. Therefore, when a user wants to make a local web server, Xampp takes care of major things like coding language, server application, database management system, and network programming. Now you must be thinking if there is any alternative to Xampp? Well! The answer is yes. Let us look on to these alternatives.

  • Wampserver
    This is another effective tool for developing web applications and PHP and it is available with three major tools Apache, PHP, and MySql. It is available only for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The major benefit that Wampserver offers is the interface and its availability in various languages. You can see all of the elements on the browser. With this, you can try both online as well as the offline server. Regarding accessibility, you can either create a local host limit or you can allow everyone to access it. Moreover, you have easy access to files and settings. The most important feature that it provides is you can easily accommodate all upcoming PHP versions, MySql and Apache and keep on updating with all new releases.

  • EasyPHP
    It is one of the best alternatives to Xampp if your only focus is on the coding part. Even if you are in the beginner stage of coding, then also you can use EasyPHP for development. Then there are various versions like EasyPHP Web Server if you want personal hosting and if you want WMP environment then you must go for EasyPHP Dev server.

  • UwAmp Server
    It is yet another development tool for Microsoft windows web applications. It posses tools like Apache, PHP all integrated with it. It makes possible testing of web applications offline. Moreover, it doesn't need installation and you can start with the zipped file.

So, these are a few alternatives to Xampp which you can use and get equal benefits.

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