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What are some tips for beginner videographers?


Swetha Johra

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The field of videography is not an easy one. There is a lot of competition to face before you become a well-known professional videographer in your circle. It may seem tougher if you have just got started with it. Beginners usually face a lot of difficulties learning the techniques of videography as they hardly have any idea. This is where you need help and guidance. You need to make sure that you are learning videography from a qualified professional.

Tips a beginner should follow:

Here are some easy tips that a beginner should follow when getting started with videography.

  • Always film horizontally
    This is one of the most important things you should note. You should always film horizontally. You should keep in mind that taking videos is different from clicking pictures. Therefore, you cannot flip your camera in between the shoot. This way you won’t be able to get a good finishing.
  • Use a tripod
    Using a tripod is extremely important. Your hands are shaky, no matter how stiff you are. Even a slight movement of your hand affects the video you are shooting. You need to keep your camera still and therefore, using a tripod is a must. Even professionals use a tripod to get the perfect shot.
  • Use the right lighting
    Your video is nothing without the right lighting. This is perhaps the most important thing needed while shooting a video. If you are shooting indoors, make sure that you have the right amount of light. Whereas for outdoors, you should shoot an hour before sunrise and sunset.
  • Film in small segments
    You should take videos in small segments. This way, you have fewer things to remember. Also, it allows you to take a lot of reshoots.

So these are some of the tips you should follow as a beginner. Once you get the hang of things, you will gradually figure more such tips on your own.

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