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What are some startups that had good ideas but failed?


Jyoti Shiva

Know your worth

Specific ideas come into our minds, and we think that they are great, but when we try to execute it in real, we find that it is not working. This is a very general thing in our day to day life. Life is full of experimentations. We do certain things on a significant level, but they do not turn out correctly. Here, we will be discussing several startup ideas that ultimately turned out to be bad experimentation. Following are a few of them.


This company was founded in the year 2012, and the company intended to bring various things related to art and culture in front of the people across the world. As the name signifies, the company used to auction these things. The vision was to give people around the globe to get the opportunity to buy these things, instead of limiting it to certain people only. The idea sounded very high, but there were a few factors that did not make this idea happen.

It is said that the reason behind the sad demise of this idea is the early implementation. This could be a great success if it has been started in this era. was launched in the year 1998 in August. The idea was to sell the pet-related items on this site. It is not that people at that time did not win pet, but they were not sure about this way of finding solutions. Also, the online shopping idea was not at all cool at that time. All of this together became the reason behind the destruction of this site.

Ask Jeeves

You must have heard about the search engine named This was a new formation of Ask Jeeves. Two geniuses in the year 1996 formed this website. It was used by people of different ages and generations to find the answers for different questions. Later on, it was developed and released in the year 2005 with the name of After two years people discovered that the company was a complete failure. We can see many such sites now a day, which are used to get the answers to questions, but this site proved to be a failure.

A good idea is important for a good business, but for the success of its proper implementation is also necessary. 

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