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What are some of the best social media marketing tools?


Riya Kapoor

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Present generation business follows the digital marketing strategies where social media is one of them. Perhaps, it is the best and dominating strategy among digital marketing. No one does not follow social media apps, and thus business organizations are severely following this strategy by creating business pages, groups, etc. This is the best way to connect with the people and clients and identify the target audiences easily. Again you can also have a research o the competitors market and development too. Here is a list of specific social media marketing tools which can help you in the improvement and development of your business.

1. Buffer

Social media is highly used to share and schedule contents at different times. Instead of doing this for a long time, you can use Buffer plugin. Here you can record contents in a pack of doing it all the time. You can get this from the browser plugin and create a queue for scheduling contents. 

2. If This Then That (IFTTT)

Besides scheduling contents, you need to do many things which are not that much planned and needs manual support. But, you don’t have time to do such things. Here you can use this tool. IFTTT reduces your time for manual work making it free from getting tedious, and it helps you in scheduling. 

3. Animoto

Animato is the best tool when you are using your video contents to attract visitors and increase traffic. Even you can access templates, music, themes, and many other features through Animato. 

4. Venngage

Content creation can be much difficult when it thrives to reach a maximum number of audience. You need to create contents which should be innovative, eye-catching, unique and designed beautifully.  The tool names Venngage can help you to modify this process by providing you with a large number of templates, infographics, and presentations. You can easily customize your contents, and this tool is highly preferred in content marketing. 

5. Grum

This tool is highly recommended for Instagrams as Grum offers easy accessibility to post images, to schedule for later, editing and cropping.  Grum offers a good presentable vision which attracts the audience too. 

6. Canva

Who says that it is a difficult task to design images or photos if you do not have an idea or experience on designing? Canva is a tool for the beginners as well as those who are not expert in designing. This tool is based on browsers and free. 

7. Qu

Sometimes it is seen that though you are sharing a large number of contents, yet they may lack an audience. This is because of the lack of quality in materials. Try to produce quality content with the help of Canva.