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What are some of the best apps to use in college?


Kartik Puri

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These days’ digital projects are very common in schools and colleges. From the very young age schools and colleges are trying to make an effort to bring designing, online courses and computer usability senses in their students which is a great approach from the education industry globally. To cope up with this advancement in the schools and colleges there are some useful apps which are now used which can best for use of college students in making advanced studies on their college subjects. Some popular among them include the following.

  • BenchPrep Companion:  This app is designed to support students for preparing for tough tests like GMAT, GRE general test and also for LSAT tests.
  • Chegg: This app is for book buying for college students. Here you can both buy or take on rent reference books for your studies and that too at fraction of the cost you need to bear for having the actual book in hand from other sources. It also offers support in completing home works with access to live tutors.
  • I studied Pro:  This app is designed to help you keep a track of the deadlines, grades and many more across various devices of Mac. Just plug in the schedules of your class and the rest job will be done by this app.
  • Evernote: This app is designed to help you in streamlining all your collected notes and keep them organized just in one place for your help.
  • My Study Life: This free app will support you in organizing the assignments, exams, and classes in a completely hassle-free manner. You can Sync your data using this app in the cloud with no tension of losing any information due to a lack of Wifi nonavailability.

You can search online for other apps too but undoubtedly the above ones are chosen best and strongly recommended for you.

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