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What are some nutritious foods for kids?

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Nalini Sagar

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Nutrition for kids is as important as nutrition for adults. Whether it be a child or an adult, we all need the right amount of nutrients to keep your body healthy and running. The main nutrients required by our bodies include vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, fats, and minerals. The requirement for nutrients varies from age to age. This means your child needs a different amount of nutrients than what you consume as an adult.

Our body derives nutrients from food. If you wish to maintain the nutrition intake for your child, you need to feed him/her with the right type of food. In other words, you need to provide them with nutritious food, for proper brain development.

Foods with high nutritional value for kids

Almost every food item consists of some of the other nutrition. Depending on your child’s requirement, you can decide on a chart that suits him/her the best. However, some of the common nutritious food items for growing kids include the following:

  1. Fruits
    You should provide your child to eat a variety of fruits. Fruits are rich in fiber and other vital nutrients that are good for your kid’s health. Also, fruits are tasty so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Vegetables
    No matter how much your child hates you for it, you need to make him eat a lot of green vegetables. For example, peas, beans, spinach, etc. vegetables are excellent for growing kids as it contains all the nutrients required by the body.

  3. Dairy products
    You should also encourage your kid to consume or drink low-fat or fat-free dairy products. For example, cheese, butter, milk, etc. mind your milk is a complete food for kids.

  4. Meat and seafood
    A little portion of meat and seafood will add the required protein in your child’s diet. Protein stands as the base foundation of health and it is a must to take protein sources, especially for kids. Chicken and fishes are the best options for them.

Kids can consume the same food as adults. The only difference is in quantity. The amount of food you should provide to your kid depends on his/her age.

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Jennifer Brown

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Kids need way more nutrients than we adult do. As they are in their growing stage it is very important that we provide them with the right nutrients that will help in their overall growth and development. Each food item that we eat have a different nutrient profile thus providing a different health benefits. However, usually kids are very choosy. They do not eat their meals well and thus most of the time they do receive the nutrient that they should be getting for their healthy development of the brain and body. In such cases along with eating well, it is very important that give them health supplements. One supplement that you can give your child is Provigil dosage. It is a great way to improve the cognition of the person. The use of Provigil is seen to help a person get better memory, creativity and concentration. The use of Provigil dosage is also very effective in helping a person stay active and energetic. Along with the use of Provigil dosage the food items that you can give your kid are-

·         Enough milk for the calcium

·         Fruits and berries

·         Enough green leafy vegetables

·         Meat and sea food for protein

·         carhohydrates

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