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What are some email marketing tips and tricks?


Sabina Patil

Dream without fear

Email marketing is now trending and will not go off the air any time soon. Based on a survey it was found that close to 77% of the population using the internet always prefers to receive communications through email for permission-based marketing. Almost 21% of the small-sized businesses across the nation take advantage of email for product marketing.

A question may come to your mind on the effectiveness of email marketing.  Well, the fact is that if you know the right email marketing tools and tricks, it will work in your favor.  Few businesses still not agree on the advantages that email marketing offers. Well, the primary reason behind this is that they failed to experience or analyze the level of an advantage this marketing tool is capable of offering. Still, the dilemma of choosing email marketing over social media marketing may stay as both are necessary for successful business development.

Here are a few tips for email marketing use which I believe will help you in making the best possible use of this tool.

1. Prepare your subscriber list: In case you already have a long list of clients' emails you need to continue the practice and never stop adding more emails in the list.  Include a sign-up feature displayed on the website or blog along with subscription form. Analyze the nature and expectations of the targeted audience; the emails need to be drafted keeping this fact in mind.

2. Make Use of subject line testing tools: This will help to refine the mail subject lines before you click the send button of email to reach customers. You need to understand that subject lines are significant and you can take a chance of ignoring the same.

3. Resend the emails: What they exactly do is that they change the format of the mail content but not the actual words (Changing of color, Using bullets, Bold letters, etc.) and resend the same mail. Here we can say that they don’t go against the spamming norms, but in reality, they do so.

4. Keep the emails out from the spam folders: If one mindfully constructed emails get flagged being spam, trust me it will never see the light of success. You need to make sure the recipients have checked your emails strictly following CAN-SPAM Act guidelines. Strictly don’t use all caps in your mail. Avoid making use of excessive exclamation marks, as well as hyperbolic phrases.

The above are a few important tips that may work to make your email marketing promotion a success.

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