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What are some common UX/UI mistakes you have come across?


Bimla Dasgupta

Head in the clouds

One of the most developing sectors in the Computer Science Engineering field is UI/UX designers. Their work is quite fascinating, which includes evaluating the different user requirements and then designing different graphic user interface like widgets, tabs, menus, etc. based on the same. But the road to efficient UI/UX developer is often filled with different types of errors, some of which we have mentioned in the list given below.

  • Not so aesthetically pleasing

    Its all about the presentation, so your platform needs to be aesthetically pleasing to the users. Use fonts that make the text and different options easy to read. Don’t overwork by adding too many fonts of different sizes and colors, as it makes it complicated for the readers to track. Keep it simple and coherent.

  • Too many chefs spoil the broth

    Being a designer, you have the freedom to use the entire screen of the user’s device. But when you add a heap of information, taking up the entire screen, things start getting complicated. The user gets confused and ultimately leaves the concerned platform/site, which affects the conversion rate tremendously. Use the screen factor judiciously.

  • User-Friendliness

    Being a UI/UX Developer, your first task is to make things simple for the users. You need to follow a particular pattern, for example, the same fonts and size for similar kinds of tabs and menus, use of specific color text for specific options. Users search for similar patterns, and if you keep on changing the fonts and colors at every instance, the users get confused, and this again affects the conversion rates tremendously.

  • Lack of information Hierarchy

    You need to design your platform in such a way that it supports easy navigation for the users. A lack of proper information hierarchy can demotivate the users from using your products and services, ultimately killing your conversion rates. The platform should be self-explanatory, which will encourage the users to stick to your platform, and this will increase the conversion rate of users into potential clients.

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