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How to trademark artwork?


Rakhi Dey

Your only limit is your mind

For an artist, his or her work is a sort of investment in dedication, money and time. Along with that, the creative output is an artist personal property. Thus, just like any other asset for ordinary people artwork of an artist should be protected. In the world of art and artist, the IT revolution has played a crucial role. There is a wide audience to appreciate and criticize your work, and the internet has made it as easy as a click. However, there are two sides for every coin, just like the internet has inconvenience followed as a danger. The technical term for this danger is copyright infringement, but there is a key for every lock, and for copyright infringement, there is a trademark.

Your art needs a Trademark

In today’s world of high competition, the art field is not an exception. For instance, imagine some other artist selling their work with the same business name as yours. Wouldn’t that be a problem? Yes. The potential buyers of your art may get confused, and you end up losing them. This would not be fair for you as well as your work. All these problems lead to the rise of trademarks; copyright protects your piece and brand guard your business. It is just a simple process to avoid the consequences of wasting time and energy in courtrooms. Here is the procedure to trademark your artwork.

Start with research

It is an essential step before going for anything unfamiliar: business or trademark. Without an appropriate business name, the trademark registration can’t be done. There will be chances of confusion to occur, and you may end up paying extra money. Therefore, it is suggested to first research about the process, name selection, and other things correctly. Then, you will be just fine to move the process ahead.

Get the documents right

Some documentation is required before registration of a trademark. It may include the ownership proof, statement that verifies your ownership. Along with these things, there should also be your written consent in case of using someone’s name as a trademark.

After doing all these things, you need to get online registration through the official site US Patent And Trademark Office to complete.

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