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How to start a product based business?


Anshuman Bassi

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Business has several branches,  the product-based business being one. The name is self-explanatory, product-based business is a business based on selling actual physical objects such as clothing and accessories, electronic goods, toys, etc.

Products based business focuses on manufacturing those products which are in demand by the customers. The product based company focuses on:

  • Creative and innovative products which are environmentally friendly.

  • Serving as a platform to motivate people to think innovative, out of the box which in turn ensures superior outflow of ideas.

  • Helps to reduce peer pressure.

  • Superior stress management which in turn ensures higher job satisfaction.

Product based services focus on manufacturing products and build up its stock to meet up the customer requirements. 

Steps to start a product based business are discussed below;

  • Checking the idea of the product: Before you jump into the venture, you need to check whether your product is in demand by the audience or not. The next step involves reviewing and studying your potential customer. 

  • Analyzing the Market: After checking your idea, you need to study the market in which you’re about to launch your product. For example, if you are planning of starting winter clothes in any tropical country, then you may have only a little or no such potential clients. The type of market will play a major role in deciding your market distribution mechanism, product pricing, etc.

  • Proper Financial Support: Once the above steps are successfully carried out, the next step is adequate capital. Analyze all the expenses like operational, manufacturing, etc., that you might face while setting up your business. You will inevitably fail in your business if you fail to acquire adequate financial support.

  • Proper planning of the business operations: Before starting your production, you need to analyze the areas from where you can get the necessary raw materials, and also other services including proper packaging and timely distribution of products.

  • Chalking out your marketing programme: This involves advertising your product to the target audience in a cost-effective way. Your advertisements should be well described, which will highlight the benefits of using your product.

  • Chalking out your business plan: Once you have chalked out all the necessary set-up plans, your next step involves chalking out the business plan- which will describe the type of business you want to opt for. If you wish to attract investors or have your very own start-up, your company will explain everything.

  • Proper analysis of the zone regulation for products: Some countries impose limitations on the level of commercial activity done from homelike disturbance level, traffic density and safety issues. So before jumping right into production, make sure that you do not have any zone regulation issues.

  • Starting the business registration process and getting an Employee Identification Number: After the basic set-up is done, now you need to think about the name for the company and get licensed for the marketing process and have a bank account under your company’s name for all the transactions. Once you get your license certified, you can opt for your unique Employee Identification Number.

  • Getting Insured: You need to opt for insurance to protect your property from any unforeseen events like theft.

  • Protecting your product’s originality via patents: You need to preserve the uniqueness of your refined products by issuing licenses, to prevent any foreign companies from claiming your original product as their own.

  • Final Task: Once you are ready for the production, you need to get your business card, brochure, and other required business forms ready. Moreover, as we are in the era of the cyber world, you need to prepare your website, to promote your business on the internet.

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