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How to start a career in cybersecurity?


Edhi Mehtra

Take your dreams seriously

Cybersecurity is a dynamic and exciting field in the spectrum of technology because it is combining the information technology along with the motive of crime fighting and creating ways to make it impactful. The industry of cybersecurity is always looking for qualified professionals.

If you want to be a part of cybersecurity, then you will have to learn about different types of specialty and roles which are performed by people who are suitable for the task of cyber security. Engineers, architect, and analysts are working on cybersecurity.

What cybersecurity is lacking?

In most of the place, to ensure the cybersecurity, all the people are hiring educated candidate having a university degree of minimum four years, but several students have not started their path of graduation but have a humongous coding ability.

So most of the tech companies are not being able to approach this pool of talent as they are hiring people through their old conventional ways. If you want to build a career in cybersecurity, one thing that you will need to know is skill development.

Do I need experience?

As most of the people are not born geniuses so they will have to spend some time to grasp the necessary skills. So if you have limited skills with zero experience, then you should start teaching yourself some technical fundamentals like coding, TCP/IP, markup, programming and other technologies that are highly implemented in the field of cybersecurity.

So for practice, you can use several web applications for security testing and check network vulnerability. Understanding the weaknesses will help you in catapult your confidence, knowledge, and skills related to detecting and patching all the breaches which are found in network security.

Habits to develop

  • If you lack some knowledge, then it will stand like a hurdle in your way so keep educating yourself because many organizations are investing in people who are having proper skills and desires for learning.
  • There are several channels or pages online which you can refer to when it comes to learning new tricks and tips as they will continuously be dropping some knowledge bomb that is going to help you in your cybersecurity career.

Cybersecurity is critical, and this particular career is not going to face the phase of gloominess not even after several centuries.

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