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How to save money on flights?


Linda Johnson

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Traveling by flights surely saves time, but at the same time, it is way more expensive than any other mode of travel, so the overall expenses for the whole journey also increase considerably. Won’t it be nice if we could save a handsome amount of money on our flights? Surely it will. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best possible ways you can save money on your flights.

  • Go Incognito
    When you search for the fares of flights regularly, you’ll experience a rise in their price. This is because the more often you search, the cookies used by these websites spike up the price to set panic in the customers so that they book the tickets quickly. To avoid this, always search for flight tickets using the incognito mode. In Google Chrome, this can be done by pressing the “Ctrl”+” Shift”+” N” combination, while in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, the same can be done by pressing “Ctrl”+” Shift”+” P” combination.

  • Try out different date and time combo
    If you have a flexible journey schedule, then search for planes on different dates and times, and find out the cheapest among them.

  • Keep track of your luggage
    Always check the amount of bags you are going to pack for your travel. If you carry more than what is normally allowed in the concerned airlines, then you will have to pay extra for that luggage, which again adds up to the total expenses. 

  • Stay Alert!
    Set alerts for the flight tickets, so that you’ll always have a track of the sudden increase and decrease of your flight fares. Sometimes the airlines offer super cheap flight fares as mega offers, so make sure you subscribe to their newsletters to get information about such events.

  • Off-Season Travel
    If you are planning for a casual trip to your desired destination, then try traveling during the offseason. During the seasons, a flight fare which would otherwise cost $300-$400, will be around $1100, which will make your heart skip a beat.

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