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How to help a child with behavior problems at school?


Edhi Mehtra

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School is such a place where lots of children gather together to receive education and other co-curricular studies. Thus, while you are finding your child at home and observing his behavior, it may completely vary when he attends his school. This change of action may be disruptive like his involvement in fighting or bullying others or maybe depressive-like feeling lonely or getting stressed due to bullying or getting scared or injured by others. In some instances, these children are essential to be understood and cared as they will never say straight about their problems. But, if they are facing such issues, it is evident that there is a reason which needs to be solved. Here are some tips to help a child with behavior problems at school. 

1. Nowadays, there is a huge requirement of school counselors or academic, social workers in every school as they are clinically skilled on how to deal with the behavioral problems of the children in school. They interact with the children one by one and in groups. Even they sit for meetings with the parents and make them know about their problems. They help them in guiding the right way out which can help to solve the problems.

2. Sometimes, the teacher and child relationship matters a lot behind behavioral issues. For example, if a kid is afraid of the teacher who scolds and beats his students, the child gets scared which affects his behavior. Again, there are cases where many behavioral problems have been solved through the teacher whom a child likes to attend for his extreme care and love for the children.

3. Issues like bullying or fighting should never be given a chance to increase. The child who is a victim of bullying tends to feel insecure and depressed. For this, both the children who are bullying and who is bullied should be called and taken proper care with understanding to solve the matter.

4. Exciting and entertaining stuff like playing music, watching weekend movies, sports, dramas, go as you like, etc., make the children much involved and active. Schools should focus on these things and make the parents involved in getting interested in their child’s participation.

5. Just because he is a child does not mean that he does not need a break. Just think of yourself. Are you not exhausted while serving your job regularly without taking a break? Don't you feel like having weekends and go out for a trip or logging out from work for a day or two? The same thing happens with your child too. Let your child be free for a day or two every weekend instead of just pushing him/her inside the books and studies. They need recreation so such a short break will not create big issues at all with his studies.