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How to get your art in a gallery?


Padama Mukesh

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Art galleries and dealers get frequently contacted by many artists to showcase their artworks. The artists request them to showcase their work, sell them, represent them, etc. They contact the dealers either by phone or by mail. Sometimes, they even personally meet the dealers to persuade them to get their artwork in the gallery. The common mistake that artists make is, they do not send their paintings to the galleries for approval, rather they give them some sample photos or the links to their websites.

Here are some tips on how to get art in the gallery:

  1. Many artists paint the same thing in a slightly different way. You should try to make your art more unique; your vision should be unique, there must be uniqueness in your work. A good artist concentrates on his strong point, i.e., the field of his or her interest.

  2. An artist should evaluate the work by himself or herself firstly. He should visit the websites of other artists, go to various exhibitions, meet other artists, have a conversation with them, etc. to know their viewpoint. A good artist always goes through a critical examination of the works and will always try to find what is unique in the work that will make him or her stand apart from others and takes feedback from the fellow artists as well.

  3. It is highly recommended for editing your collections down to its strongest works. Art galleries not always take many of your works; they just choose one genre, so be sure that you give him your masterpiece.

  4. Another basic tip is that you should choose your location carefully. Cityscapes of famous cities will be feasible to many clients, but local landscapes will garner more attention when you showcase them in the art galleries of your area.

  5. You should not limit your art to galleries only; instead, you should participate in various art competitions and art contests. This will give your work a good exposure, and it will garner the attention of many.

  6. One very important tip, you should research the different art galleries out there. It should not happen so that you are taking your landscape paintings to the gallery which is interested in graffiti.

There are many ways in which you can get your art showcased in a gallery. You have to choose the right medium and should also work upon your artistic styles and identify the interest of the gallery dealers. You should also keep in mind the taste of the viewers of the particular area where you are showcasing your artwork.

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