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How to do SEO for my blog?


Tanuja Chaudhuri

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for blogs is the crucial factor to get more and more traffic as well as rank your website in the first pages of search engines. If you want to grow your business page and wish more people and clients to know your website, then the primary need to focus is on SEO. Your website contents should be secure on SEO, and it helps in earning more revenue too. But the problem is, though people are quietly known to this fact, yet they cannot understand how to improve SEO for blogs. There is no such fixed procedure or definition of improving SEO. What you need to know and follow are some smart tricks and ways so that you can work on SEO for blogs. They are as follows:

1. When you are writing SEO content for websites, the first thing you need to focus is on the keywords. SEO depends on the keywords of the content and for knowing about keywords follow the most searched keywords by the users. Nowadays there are some keyword planner apps where you can search and find how much percentage of people are searching for which words. Google Adwords Keyword Tool and are such popular keyword searching tools. While writing your blogs or articles try to mention the most searched keywords. As a result, when users are searching for those keywords, your blog link will appear at the top.

2. Another point which you need to follow is to use the keywords not only in the contents but also in the titles, subtitles, introductions, body, and conclusions. The search engines always focus on the blogs where the keywords are mostly used in the overall blog content.

3. Blog size matters a lot in SEO. Mostly sized blogs like about more than 1500 words are more prone to SEO than small-sized blogs. The reason behind this is you can use the keywords more in large blogs than small blogs.  

4. After writing the blogs, tag for a meta description. The meta description is a short description where you can mention more than one keywords. These are easily understood by Google and ranked as SEO.

5. Image optimization is another factor for SEO in blogs. You should be uploading an image for your blog, but what makes a mistake is that you don’t mention your keywords in the image description. Always describe the image by keywords.

6. Social media engagement is another factor for SEO. Share your contents in more social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams.

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