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How to become a geologist?


Nitika Kale

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The end of 2016 looked on at some of the most propitious furtherances in the field of geology and as an upshot, ensued an inordinate market call for geology-related jobs. Primarily, the petroleum industries are invariably on the scent of good geologists for performing different research and analysis work.

What do geologists do?

Geologists are scientists who are at the helm of analysis of the various physical elements cognate with our planet. Geologists study the fabric of the soil, analyze the fossils and their evolution patterns, examine the different processes associated with the evolution of our world, also various minerals, etc.

Geologists also play a significant role in the safe extraction of the various fossil fuels and natural gases from beneath the earth’s surface by drilling bore wells.

But how does one become a successful geologist?

Well, for that you need to follow a few steps. Fasten your seat belts, enjoy the ride, and at the end, you’ll learn the secrets behind a successful geologist.

  • Solidifying the base
    The onset of a successful geologist begins at the school level itself. Don't let your mind wander during mathematics and other science classes as they are the critical ingredients in shaping a geologist’s career. Apart from these subjects, opt for geologists dedicated subjects like Environmental science or earth science. These subjects impart the basic knowledge about a variety of natural processes which are directly related to geology.

  • Achieving a Bachelor's  degree
    After successful completion of your plus two, it’s time for you to pursue your bachelor’s degree in geology. You’ll have dedicated geology subjects like mineralogy, meteorology, hydrology, study about the tectonic plates and stratigraphy. During these four years of study, you’ll visit many places as a part of fieldwork and analyze a legion of samples and study their composition. 

  • Pushing for a Master’s degree
    Once you’ve successfully earned your bachelor’s degree, opt for a master’s in geology. In the master’s degree, you ’ll select a particular field and perform more in-depth research in that file. Some of the specialties available during a master’s degree include geochemistry, environmental geology, etc.

  • Opting for a job
    Once you’ve gained the proper knowledge, apply for different geology related tasks, especially in the government sectors like the Geological Survey of India.

  • Getting your license
    After earning your degree, apply for various government licensing exams to get proper recognition from the government. If you’ve earned a master’s degree, then you might not require any license for recognition.


The demands for reliable geologists in various sectors of the industries is increasing day by day. Once you’ve successfully earned your degree in this field, you’ll float on the sea of endless opportunities.

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