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How has online based banking changed the people in using financial services?


Heena Samuel

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Online banking has brought a lot of changes in the banking field. Gone are the days when people had to wait in line to transfer their money or apply for a loan. Today, with the introduction of online banking services, many of the banking tasks have been made easier. It has enabled people to complete most of their banking tasks right from the comfort of their houses. Almost all the banks these days, whether it be a government bank or a private one are known to provide online banking services. This has completely changed the way people make use of financial services.

How are online banking services beneficial?

Online banking services are known to provide plenty of benefits to people. Not only for consumers, but it has also reduced the load of work for the bank employees as well.

1. 24-hour access

Back in the days when online banking never existed, people could avail banking services only during banking hours and days. In a way, this was a major problem for consumers. But with the introduction of online banking, you can now access banking services 24/7. Starting from paying your bills to transferring funds, you can do it all. The best thing is that you can avail all these services whenever you want and from wherever you want.

2. Reduced workload

It has also reduced the work burden for the employees. Previously, people had to rely on the teller for every kind of banking activity. But things have changed with online banking as people can complete the majority of the tasks on their own.

3. Greater access

Online banking has also enabled banks to reach their operations worldwide. All this was not possible before online banking. This has increased the efficiency of banks. Not just that but consumers are also able to access their bank accounts and other services even from a foreign land.

There is no doubt that online banking has completely changed the banking sphere, but online banking does come with a downside as well. For example, it has given rise to security threats online. However, stronger security software is being implemented to stop such online illegal activities.

To conclude, online banking can be considered a revolutionary step in the field of banking. It has helped the consumers in a lot of ways.

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