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How does social science inquiry advance and evolve over time?

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Sanketika Munish

Just going with the flow

Social Science is a vast field of study which deals with the analysis and research of human behavior, culture, tradition and social relationships with the present world environment. Human behavior and their way to perceive the world influence the social environment a lot. The subject matter of Social Science is not confined to any particular aspect of society. It deals with each fact to justify how an organization precisely performs its functions by the role of human beings. In these aspects, all those things like economic growth, cultural development, unemployment, social policies, community development, the human mind, and personality, etc. are covered. 

There has been a question for a long time on how social inquiry had advanced and evolved. You should be informed that in the past few years the field of social sciences has undergone a significant change which influences a positive impact on human beings as well as society. As you know that Social Science offers great scope to conduct studies, surveys, and research, the social scientists tried to keep no stones unturned to cover almost all the issues of the social problems as well as the wellness. These studies and research focussed on specific sub-issues while the survey was conducted and the hypothesis and the results obtained helped a lot to change and develop the positions of the society. 

Not only this, the mode and the way of the research studies conducted have also undergone a lot of changes so that the epistemologies, methods, professionalisms, institutionalism and everything can be obtained more perfectly. As a result, they have focussed a lot of changes in the globalization, national development and public organization of the society.

Social Sciences have also proved a great change and development in discarding the bias based on the gender stereotypes of society. Previously, the society used to believe that there are certain fixed rupes and norms for each gender which should be maintained. As a result, women were not allowed to perform many tasks which were conducted by the men. Equally, men never used to perform or do anything women used to do. Social scientists have directly approached the society to study and connect with the people where they were able to make them understand that gender bias and stereotypes can be easily broken. With the advancement of time, stereotypes have been changed to flexibility.

Even the concept of the people regarding their mental health has also focused on a great change eventually. Where previously people could never have thought of attending the psychiatrists or mental health counselors for the biased thoughts, nowadays, they highly invite the concept of mental health well being and never hesitate to visit the mental health experts for any treatment.

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Poonam Choudhry

Exist on your own terms

While answering this question, it is very important to clear the concept of social science. The scientific study of human nature and relations, environment, the relation between nature and
humans and its compatibility with the society. It is different from mainstream science as a social science cannot be considered as physical science. Social science also deals with subjects like politics, interest groups, government, culture and so on.

It is considered a science owing to its empirical nature of study and research. When talking about evolution of social science, one must keep in mind that the subject in question are human beings and
many other above stated factors which cannot be concentrated or kept static.
With time, the world has evolved and so has social science. Several factors like technology,environment, government, political culture help evolve the discipline of social science. For instance, the
widespread use of technology has given a run to the manual laborers in the market, which, in turn, has affected the scope of social science. Similarly, the global market trends highly influence the
economic conditions and policies of different economies and their budget.

The evolution of social science highly depends on research and field works(in required cases). Several authors and scholars have studied various factors of various economies to enhance the scope of social
science. Social scientists have directly approached the society to study and connect with them to generate solutions to social problems. With time and education advancement, social studies
have reached a quite successful stage of breaking several stereotypes with reason and logic.

Another very important aspect of social science is the human mind or the human psyche. With the advancement in social science, society has come to terms with the importance of mental health and
disciplines like psychology and their practical purposes. New scopes are opening up for counselors and psychologists, which is society’s way of accepting new changes.
Social science is reaching new heights every day in this ever-changing economy in today’s time.

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