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How do you stay current on cybersecurity trends and threats?


Carol W. Echols

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The cyber-world has improved our way of living vastly, but at the same time, the threat level has increased considerably. But let us first learn the definition of cyber-security before moving on to the main topic.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity focuses on the various ways aimed at the protection of the various computers and devices connected over the internet, to prevent any illegal extraction of the various sensitive information, and also timely identification and elimination of all types of hacking.

Now, let us focus on the different ways in which we can keep ourselves updated.

  • Following Security Professionals/Influencers

    Best way to keep yourself equipped with the current trends is by following the top security professionals and their explanatory video contents. Some of the highly-rated security professionals are

    • Chuck Brooks
    • Theresa Payton
    • Joseph Steinberg
    • Dr. Eric Cole

               For more visit:

  • Checking out Cybersecurity portals

    Every day keep some amount of time reserved for surfing the various cybersecurity portals for having sight of what is going around the globe and what is trending. Some of the portals you can consult are:

    • The Computer Emergency Readiness Team Coordination Center
    • Security Focus
    • National Vulnerability Database
    • SANS Internet Storm Center
    • Europen Union CERT
    • Reddit
    • Exploit Database
  • Additional Sources

    You can also get daily updates from different other platforms like

    • Twitter
    • GitHub

Apart from these, several podcasts are released daily, which provides information about recent cyber threats and ways to prevent future threats. Some of the popular video sites are:

  • HAK5
  • IBM Security

  • SANS Podcasts

  • Eurotrash

Set your customized alerts using tools like IFTTT, which will provide you push notifications from sites like subreddit, for trending topics.

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