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How do human resources functions relate to organizational development?


Riya Kapoor

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To speak of the prime role of the Human Resource; organizational development comes to a great extent in this point. But, first, you need to understand what organizational development means. Organizational development or OD is the process of improvement where an organization develops the internal capacity so that it can satisfy to meet the goals in the present as well as in the future. For the complete Organizational development, HR activities play a massive role.

A company gets used to handling some projects at a time. Each project has new goals, and the process of implementation of the projects have different means. Thus, it is critical to clarify whatever the methods or ways are applied to carry the plan should be flexible and useful for the growth of the company. The more a company breaks the record of success, more it grows, and a project makes a success when a company makes optimal use of existing resources in a proper strategy. An HR professional is responsible for identifying the resources and make use of it. Thus, he plays a great role in organizational development.

There are numerous functions of Human Resource Management when it comes to the issues like compensation and benefits, safety, future orientation, motivating employees, managing the performances, developing effective strategies for training and development, etc. When all these functions are carried out in proper order, it results in the organizational development. Again, workplace culture is also a vital point for organizational development. If employees are not satisfied with the culture of the workplace, Organizational Development (OD) may not take place. Here also Human Resources functions are highly demanding.

For a proper OD, Human Resource Managers keep on practicing on how to make plans to create systematic changes in the attitudes, values, and beliefs of the workers so that there can be growth in both the individuals as well as the company. This process includes constant monitoring and evaluation, gathering feedbacks and coordination among the employees and the Administration.

This is how human resources functions are directly related to organizational development.