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How do I prepare for my first international flight?


Linda Johnson

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Are you planning to take your very first flight of life and that too international? If that is true then we are sure that there are hefty numbers of questions going in your mind on how to prepare for the first international flight. We are sharing a few tips which will help you to plan your flight experience better.

  • Arrange passport, visa, travel insurance, and air ticket:
    You will need to present your proof of citizenship and qualification to get your passport ready. If you already have a passport then ensure it has a minimum of 6 months validity. Apply for Visa for the nation you are planning to travel. Plan the dates in advance with confirmed flight departure and arrival back ticket to country. Visa will be issued checking flight tickets, duration of stay and accommodation options. Apply for travel insurance in advance. Keep a photocopy of all documents.

  • Know your baggage:
    Sometimes experienced travelers make mistake in understanding the airline rules related to baggage allowance.  When you are a flying newbie, then it’s important for you to understand the difference between a cabin bag and luggage bag. There are specific weights for both pieces of baggage. Ensure you follow the airline's rules in this regard. 

  • Reach the airport early on your travel date:
    You need to reach the international airport of your city or the location from where you are departing a minimum 2-3 hours before the flight time. You need time to check in, pass the security check and immigration process before reaching the boarding gate of the flight.

  • Check your baggage at destination airport:
    Upon reaching the destination your baggage will be moved from flight to the luggage belt. Don’t forget to take your cabin bag when you de-board the flight. Take your luggage from designated luggage belt and check if all locks are intact or not. In case of any discrepancies, you need to contact airport authority for further action and investigation. 

Keep the above points in mind to prepare for the first international flight.