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Can robots replace humans?


George Thomason

Aim Above the Mark to Hit the Mark

We need to agree to the fact that humans are no more the dominant and powerful species existing in the Earth. It was in the year 2014 when the numerical figure of the electronic mobile devices surpassed the existing number of humans on this earth. In case you want to include those computers which are not mobile ones, the number of Internet-connected devices will reach 34 billion by the end of the year 2020.

This situation is quite alarming one, and now people need to think about the fact if robots can replace humans or not. Rapid advancement which is made in the industry of technology offers massive tantalizing opportunities. As we all know that Robots, as well as automation, actually played an important role in different segments of Industry 4.0. When the same is added with learning algorithms, it allows both bots as well as humans to make optimized production with improved quality. 

The hard fact is that Robots are going to take over almost 52 percent of the existing workload in a short period.  It will undoubtedly force humans to again rethink about the ways they will educate themselves to make a positive and fruitful approach for jobs. As per a very recent update on the robotic sector, a warning is given as machines now have the potential to force almost 75 million people to go jobless by the beginning of the year 2022.

But with this shift which is going to happen in the workplace dynamics can be easily managed by robots with the creation of even more and better jobs when compared with ones they take over from humans. Yes, robots are forcing to go some 10 millions of people to go out of jobs in the coming 4 years, but experts make predictions that it will create more job opportunities too.

We have a few reasons with us to justify the fact that robots will never get the chance to appear as full and perfect replacement of humans.

•    Robots are not capable of understanding any irrational thought which humans can.

•    Robots are not capable to understand context.

•    Robots can take instructions but are not capable of understanding the expectations of the customer.

•    Robots lack the power of doing creative problem-solving.

•    People always prefer to speak to a human and not to a robot as they believe human emotions are best understood by humans only.

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