Medications and the Elderly

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Key Topics Covered
  • Why medication safety matters to the elderly (or anyone else, for that matter)
  • How physiological changes of ageing can affect medication safety
  • Barriers to medication safety and how to overcome them
  • Actions we can take to promote safe medication use
  • Lifestyle changes that can reduce the need for prescription drugs
  • Ways to make the most of a doctor's appointment
  • and essential questions to ask your doctor and pharmacist

Who can take this course?
  • There are no requirements except interest in the topic. This course is especially for
  • Older persons who want to become knowledgable health care consumers and take medications safely
  • People who care for and about an older adult who takes medications
  • Health care professionals who work with the elderly
  • Anyone interested in medication safety

Course Description

This is a consumer-friendly course for the elderly and those who care for them. Its purpose is to make raise awareness of the issues surrounding medication safety, especially for older persons.

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