Beginning Rock & Roll Drum Lessons with ULTIMATE DRUMMING Course #2 16th note Rock & Roll

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Course Created By,  JIM MCCALL

Beginner Level 47.8 mins of Video Lecture Language: English Lifetime Access Certificate of completion Flash Sale $19 $50.00 Discount: 62.00% off
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Key Topics Covered
  • Students will develop independent coordination and rhythmic comprehension.
  • Students will learn how to practice and perform these great sounding 16th Note Rock beats.
  • Proper counting of 16th Notes will be taught.

Who can take this course?
  • It is recommended that students complete Beginning Rock & roll Course #1 or have prior knowledge of 8th Note Rock & Roll beats.
  • This course is for everyone that wants to expand their knowledge of drumming.
  • Most of all, the desire to have loads of drumming fun.

Course Description

Beginning Drum lessons with Jim McCall's ULTIMATE DRUMMING. Learn how to play the beats used by the greatest drummers in the world. 100% drumming fun guaranteed.

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