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You won't find this in your engineering textbook 24 March, 2020   

I bet this two tips would boost your confidence as a young engineer

The Challenge of many entry level electrical graduates in industries is the fear that they are not suitable experienced to handle control circuit maintenance and new installations. But hey! take up the challenge because this 2 timeless tips will boost your confidence exponentially.

1.Make the manual your first point of call when you see a new equipment or sensor.

Even highly experience electrical/instrumentation engineers don't deny the fact that the manual is a great source of knowledge in understanding all the complexities concerning any equipment. These documents are well written out to ensure that anyone who has the relevant knowledge in reading and interpreting circuits can follow them to install or troubleshoot an equipment he/she is new to. Take advantage of this to build your knowledge base.

2. Refer to any small writing or diagram on the equipment or sensor.

Manufacturers know that the instrumentation engineer cannot keep all wiring diagrams in his head even after he has worked many times with a sensor. They provide a quick reference connection diagram. Take advantage of this quick reference as a young engineer when working with any new sensor, transmitter or other electrical components.

was this helpful, then do well to share it with your network of young electrical engineers.

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