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YOGA CALLING YOU!!!!!!! 06 May, 2020   



During the lockdown, we all have enough time to be a part of yoga, so we all must be benefited and improve our health. Being a part of this awesome natural way of healing ourselves, I feel very relaxed & healthy. And I urge all my nation people to try this practice at least once so that they get aware of its costless benefits. However, I know very well that waking up in the early morning is not an easy task for most of us, but doing so we can be benefited a lot.

Here are some most beneficial effects of yoga:-

  • It makes you feel very light and cool and increase your patience level as well.
  •  It gives wings to your day as you feel fresh all day.
  •  It makes your vision clear and sharp.
  • It reduces the risk of a heart attack.
  •  It increases the immunity of our body.

So, keep doing yoga every day to make life better.


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Shubhanshu Singh - Nice work Man! Keep on writing.

Shubhanshu Singh - Nice work Man! Keep on writing. Read Less

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