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Why should I invest in British films as an Indian? 19 September, 2020   

Check out Aayush Puri’s story, who is an investor in British films such as Amar, Akbar, & Tony, investing while studying in London, UK-

If you are thinking about investing in a company that produces films, make sure you check the company has experience in investment and been doing it for a considerable amount of time. The company can produce any genre of films but I prefer to invest in independent films.

This is one of the main reason I decided to invest in British films. Living in England gave me a chance to understand the process of investing in a film as it defined the steps of clean investment.

Not every film is going to be the next big film and this is something I kept in mind especially before investing in independent films such as Amar, Akbar and Tony, Chocolate and Ram Ji London Wala. Every financer for films will try to aspire to make the most of their investment. However, there is some spectacular talent in the UK when it comes to film making that is why I was very confident in investing through British films and smaller independent films.

There are occasions, however, where a film may make a loss or break-even, but investing properly with the right people will ensure one gets the perks available will minimize any financial loss that may occur.


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