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Why nonwoven fabric can only be used as disposable mask? 23 June, 2020   

If you want to know the difference between nonwoven fabric and velvet spray cloth, you must first understand the raw materials of the two. Nonwoven fabric is made of polypropylene pellets. While the fusing cloth is mainly made of polypropylene as the raw material, and there is a big difference in appearance between the two. The nonwoven fabric can be moisture-proof and breathable, and it is light in weight without theodolite, it can be cut and sewed casually, which is easy to define and is favored by many handcraft lovers. However, it is very fluffy after being made of fusing cloth, which has good wrinkle resistance and is not easy to shape, however, it has good filtering property, so it is often used in absorbing materials and making masks. The structural difference between the two is an important reason for the functional difference between the two.

The so-called nonwoven fabric is the cloth that doesn't need to be woven. After you get a piece of nonwoven fabric, you will find that you can't pick a thread from the inside, because it is not intertwined by the traditional way, it is combined by stretching chemical fibers and finally by physical way, and the whole cloth is a whole, but it is very easy to cut and textile. Nonwoven fabric can be divided into polyester fiber, polypropylene fiber, cotton fiber, spandex, acrylic fiber and so on according to its composition, which is also widely used in life.

Fusing cloth has very good filtration, shielding, heat insulation and oil absorption, so it is often used in medical and health products, surgical medical protective clothing, disinfection bag, mask, even the figure of fusing cloth can be found in female sanitary pad and diapers. Its good filtering and isolation can create a relatively safe internal environment. Therefore, when many viruses break out, both of them can't be separated from the figure of fusing cloth. In fact, from a relatively rough point of view, it can be regarded as a kind of thing as contentable cloth and Nonwoven Fabric. Fusing cloth also has a name called fusing nonwoven fabric, it is also a kind of nonwoven fabric, which does not need manual Textile. If it is classified according to the usage, it is probably that fusing cloth is used to make masks such as n90,n95 and n99, while nonwoven fabric is only used to make disposable masks.

Shenzhen tianyitang melt-blown cloth Co., Ltd. focuses on the manufacture of fusing cloth. In recent years, it has gained high recognition in the industry. It wants to make fusing cloth well and ensure its low price and good quality, high quality is not an easy thing. It needs exquisite technology, appropriate machines and strict testing to produce the popular fusing cloth in the market, molten cloth and nonwoven fabric are both made of chemical raw materials, and there are some differences between them in use. Molten cloth has good filtering property and is often used as filter isolation material, however, nonwoven fabric has weaker performance and is often used as the raw material of disposable mask in medical

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