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Why Learning Tableau is Good For Career Growth? 27 November, 2019   

What is Tableau?

Tableau is used as a data visualization tool in the business intelligence industry. With the help of this software, you can convert raw data into the most understandable format, and the best thing is, you don’t need any technical skills to use it. This is the key reason behind the increasing demand for Tableau.

As mentioned above, this is a data visualization tool hence, before proceeding further, we need to understand the importance of data visualization. We all humans understand and remember visuals more than text, therefore, when data is presented in an interesting & clear style, it looks interesting. Tableau is used to understand the whole data in a better way and present it in a graphical style.

Reasons to use Tableau

There are numerous data visualization tools available in the market then why you should choose Tableau?

For the fast visualization of data, the tableau is majorly used. After data visualization, dashboards are created to provide actionable insights from the raw data, Tableau is very helpful in creating such dashboards. It allows performing endless analytics on raw data. I am going to describe a few reasons here that tell why one should learn Tableau.

Demand of Tableau

Research says, in the future, companies will produce N times more data. With this large set of data & real-world business scenarios, organizations across the whole world will look for advanced tools that can be used for better analytics on this data and produce meaningful insights out of it. The trend of job demand in the market is increasing with each passing day.


You can learn more in less time

You will find various Tableau online training materials, video tutorials that explain a lot about all the concepts of Tableau. In addition to this, you can join social networks or groups, participate in the discussion forum or be a part of a community to gain information on Tableau. This way you can develop all the meaningful skills in less time.

Golden career opportunities

Not only the Tableau experts' jobs are in high demand in the market but also, there are rewards for them. A Tableau professional earn a handsome package, and still, this package value is increasing day by day due to the expansion and analysis of data.

Tableau Public is free

There are multiple products of Tableau such as Tableau Desktop, Tableau Public, Tableau Server. Tableau Online and many others. Tableau Public is free of cost solution. You may download and install Tableau Public. After installation, start practicing on your own.

Lucrative career opening in top brands

After going through the requirements of Tableau talent, I have analyzed that many top brands are also in the process of hiring Tableau people. Some of the top companies on the list are – Facebook, Sony Electronics, Dell, KPMG, Applied Systems, Bank of America, etc. Hence, learning Tableau can help you fulfill the dream of working with a renowned brand.

Use of big data

Big data never seems a mess when you are using Tableau. This tool has the quality of collecting the whole data, meaningful classification, and then storing these data – this virtualization tool is best in many aspects as others since, with it, you can analyze the big data and fetch actionable insights within minutes.

Use Tableau with any type of data

Tableau keeps no difference between any data types. Hence, for any data type, you don’t need to search for any data visualization tool for applying analytics rather Tableau is always the best option for analysis.

Strong future of Tableau

The world’s known auditing firm Gartner has rewarded Tableau as the leading solution in data visualization and the Business Intelligence world. In terms of execution, this tool is good enough as compared to its competitors. Also, the tool completes the whole vision of visualization. Hence, it has a strong future.

Variety of roles available to make a career in Tableau

The best part with a Tableau tool is that you will find a variety of job roles to make your career in it throughout your career life. Some of the top job roles include – Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Tableau Consultant, Business Intelligence Manager & business intelligence developer.

Organization Growth

In the current digital world, companies have to deal with a large volume of data. Tableau provides enough functionalities to go through the whole data and structure it in an understandable format. By doing so, they don’t need to go line by line throughout the data rather, the finally prepared structure and information are enough to understand the key points and filet out actionable items.

Easily connected to any data source

There are no limitations on connecting Tableau to any type of data warehouse or database. It can be connected to any data source to collect the data. Also, connecting a web-based data resource or Microsoft Excel Sheet is also possible in case of data visualization by Tableau.

Tableau is not tough to use

The User Interface of  Tableau is intelligently designed but it is very clear itself and easy to understand. Even if you are entirely new to operate Tableau, you can get knowledge in a few clicks to arrange data in structures like tables, maps, graphs, etc.

Career Growth as an Individual

If you are willing for quick and exponential career growth, you must consider Tableau learning. You can also get Tableau Certification after grasping sufficient knowledge of this tool. Companies do consider candidates having Tableau certification and prefer them for hiring as a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Project Manager, data scientist, etc. Also, they get a handsome package, too as compared to other job designations. Therefore, one can conclude that a good knowledge of Tableau can help you grow in your professional life.

Improve the business model and processes

Due to a quick expansion of IT, its importance has increased in all the fields. Not everyone can learn everything about technical development. Hence, companies nowadays are looking for a software or tool to apply analytics on a large amount of data that in-flow daily. This requirement gave birth to Tableau. Now businesses can figure out actionable insights from raw data and apply it in improving their models and processes.


The best part of Tableau is that you don’t need any programming skills or technical expertise to understand this tool. A non-technical person can also learn it and take advantage of career life. You start learning it and see how self-explanatory all features are. The modern world is full of data, and companies are using this data as an asset. This is why you should think of learning Tableau!

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