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Why Is The Constitution Important? - 7 Reasons! 03 December, 2018   

A country is run by the government, judicial bodies, its people, and most importantly by the Constitution. The constitution serves as the backbone of the country. Without it, the Law and Jurisdiction will not hold up and fall apart in no time, but they are meant to stand strong. The constitution is the embodiment of fundamental regulations and principles according to which the country, state, and its people are supposed to work. The term "Constitution" got its name as the word constitution means accumulation and gathering of various aspects.

Similarly, the Constitution we are talking about also is an accumulation of many things that make up the organization of the Legal bodies of any nation. All the rules and principles that are to be established are worked up and wrote down in one place making all the things one single crafted manuscript. The Document formed after this whole procedure is known as the Constitution. But despite all of this information, we still have a question in our mind that why is the constitution important, so let's discuss further on the topic.


The constitution is something that every country has in its possession and, all constitutions around the world are unique in their way but share the same objective, which is to make sure that there remains stability in the nation. The constitution has much verbal meaning, and all of them denote the sense of constructing or building up to something. One might wonder if this is how the document of principles got its name. 

What is a constitution?

The constitution is something that sets the limits and boundaries of the governments' interaction and powers. The Constitution works as a means by which the government in the rule knows as to what extent they can impose rules and regulations on the citizen of the country. Let us see how the constitution works.

How does a constitution help in the working of a Nation?

One of the major problems for any country is that the distribution of power sometimes leaks from here and there causing civil uproars and various issues that lead to the economic and social downfall of the country. Thus the only thing that the constitution of India concerns about most is the Power Distribution.

A constitution is set for the countries to develop successfully. Thus, any added improvements in the constitution will thrive up to this. Thanks to the constitution, the power of the governmental bodies flow in a certain path. As for the Indian Constitution, it distributes the power horizontally throughout the three major institutional bodies of the Indian Jurisdiction. They are, The Parliament, The executive, and The Judiciary. Where The Parliament acts as the supreme body and all the bills and amendments passed down with their consent which will help you to understand the working of the constitution and will help you to conclude why is the constitution important.

Steps involved in the execution of bills:

•    Any bill is first presented in the executive houses of the country as for the case of India; these houses are known as Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

•    Once the bill gets the approval of 2/3 of the members of both the houses, it is passed to the parliament, and once it is passed, it is sent to the president.

•    Usually, the President signs the document but in some cases, if he or she does not feel like passing it at the time, they have the power to send it back with a suitable reason.

•    Once edited and reframed the bill is again sent for the approval of the president of the country and this time they are bound to pass this bill.

•    If there is not any answer heard from the side of the President till 15 days, the bill is supposed to be passed and becomes official.


So, as now we have enough knowledge and understanding about the term constitution and its aspects, it's time for us to learn what the importance of a constitution for a country is.

Reasons why is the constitution important:

These points will help you to get to the answer to your question which was why is the Constitution important.

1.    The constitution is an embodiment: Constitution is a written instrument which serves as the embodiment of the rules of a political or social organization. These rules and regulations lay down the base of the nation so that it can run without any sort of issue or dispute and in case any problem occurs in the legal and governmental sectors or between the masses of the country and the judiciary, these provisions help the country to get through this phase where there is a regular threat of a civil war breakdown which is probably the last thing any country can have nightmares about.

2.    The constitution forms the basic structure of any government: The constitution of any country is important because of the fact that it lays down all the legal and cultural aspects under which its people and the governmental bodies will be governed and that too when there are foreign interactions in the personal affairs every now and then by international organizations. The executive, the legislature and the judiciary are the main organs of the government that the constitution establishes. These three are the source of stability of any country, and without them, the only thing that will rise is terror and corruption among the masses.

3.    Governs the power distribution: The Constitution defines the powers of each organ and let everyone related to a country know about the power and governmental and legal body has. It demarcates the responsibilities of each of the parties whether it is a governmental institution, companies of the country or the masses of the nation. The Constitution helps to regulate the relationship between the government and the people in such a manner that no one part can miss treating the power in any way possible.

4.    Apex body: A Constitution is superior to all the laws of the country which means any law or provision that is circulated in the nation is passed down by the constitution itself. Every law enacted by the government has to be in conventionality with the Constitution and this means that no one or no legal body will be able to speak upon the Constitution otherwise it will not maintain the strength and will fall and so will the nation.

5.    Goals of a Country: The Constitution lays down the national goals of any country, by nation goals we mean to say that any aspiring objective that a country has. As every country has some point to reach which is planned in their mind, therefore, the constitution will help to reach goals such as, Democracy, secularism, Socialism, and National Integration.

6.    Basic rights: The constitution of a country guarantees some rights and provision for any individual or group of people on behalf of which they can ensure their well-being and dignity. It helps the people of the country to avail of all the basic rights which they are deemed for. Some of the most basic rights that are protected by the Constitution are right to life, right to freedom, right to property and the right to participate freely in the democratic system.

7.    Power transfer at the time of national emergency: One of the things that make the Constitution a really important document for a country is the fact that it controls the transfer of power at the time of national emergencies. By national emergencies, we mean a disaster that can wipe out some part of the nation or can damage any part of the nation in a very severe manner, civil war breakdown, etc.

So, this answers the question of why is the constitution important. The Constitution is the spine of the nation and we should respect its existence and dignity while making sure that its rules and provisions are followed by each and everyone in the Nation.

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