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Why I Believe Respect Is The Real Marker Of Success 08 March, 2020   

Irrespective of their work, everyone cares about respect. This ‘respect’ is the only reason which makes people be conscious of every single gesture. People toil round the clock to garner respect in society, as a result, they sometimes sacrifice things for gaining respect. It is only through respect that one can make someone to do any work. However, nowadays, it has been found that people do not care about their respect and perform activities which may defame their image. They take things in a very casual way and do not mull even for their single gesture and activity, which is utterly erroneous. Furthermore, I concede that a better future and career comes with proper planning and thinking, rather than going with the flow of life. For instance, today’s young people do many things and enjoy, but they do not ponder over the consequences which they may confront owing to their deeds, consequently they reach on the brink of losing their respect. Besides this, I believe your respect is the symbol of your success, background, dignity, prestige and it indicates that you are going in the right direction. Your respect makes your word more valuable. I believe that money cannot be the mere definition of success, but unless you are not respected in people’s eyes then that money is simply nothing.

Here, I am presenting some of the views on how to gain respect from my experience:

1) Respect is directly proportional to your deeds so be meticulous while doing things.

2) Be humble and polite with people, never become arrogant.

3) The well-known principle is, if you want respect from others then give respect to others as well.

4) Never flaunt your success in any form, better be practical.

5) Never pass any negative comments because it directly affects others. If possible, guide and help others as much as you can.

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