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Why Demand Planning Software can be a Game Changer for your Business 18 November, 2020   

Evaluating future demand is one of the most significant actions your company can undertake. When followed correctly, demand planning & forecasting software can take your business to the next level. This will help you deliver excellent customer service while meeting your financial goals.


Demand management software is a tool within a company that helps a business to have a confident understanding of their demand. Demand planning software can enhance revenue forecasts, monitor inventory levels with peaks and troughs in demand, and enhance profitability for a particular product or service.


What is Demand Planning Software?

In creating the final version of your business demand plan - user inputs like a new product/service launch, marketing promotions or advertisements, discounts, refunds, and more are also considered.


Key Steps in Demand Planning Software

The goal of demand planning software is to get the right product to the right place at the right time.


The following steps are commonly tracked by a business when forecasting a new product:

  1. Study & use past sales data to create a statistical forecast.
  2. Collaborate with customers, manufacturers & distributors for the right idea about demand vs. supply.
  3. Track your progress by managing & combining your forecasts.
  4. Re-analyze the data.


Elements of Demand Planning Software

Businesses like wholesalers, e-commerce, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers are mainly dependent on demand planning. With an effective demand planning solution such as demand planning software, every aspect of the company stands to benefit. In short, companies


1.     Significant Product History

Past marketed products will reveal what we can sell in the future. However, Understand that all this data is not useful to create a forecast.

If you use historical data that does not link with the current demand, then an incorrect forecast is generated. Hence, the right amount of correct historical data is very important


2.     Internal Trends

Here, your sales pattern may arise for a specific span and decrease for another span, giving you a chance to customize your business plan for specific time seasons.

For Demand forecasting, it is essential to follow the right steps for predicting the sales pattern. When doing this, 


3.     External Trends

External trends leverage a business more effortlessly than internal sensations. Different exterior features can affect the ability of a company to accomplish its objectives.

W These external features involve competition, legal, economic and technological framework.


4.     Promotions & Events

Additional events and promotions usually have a significant effect on future demand for outcomes. If you are promoting or advertising your services or products, you indeed increase your sales. This increase in sales should be your prediction, or you will not buy enough to meet this increased demand. Simplify allows you to add every information manually to modify the forecast entirely for your product.


Why is Demand Planning Software Necessary for a Business?


The demand planning software is to plan the supply chain management. It combines past business information, statistical analysis, historical sales data, long-term measures of foreseen demand.

Here demand planning is done by producing the operational, sales & technical departments with the software's help to schedule the statistical forecast.


Some of the significant benefits of Demand Planning Software:


  1. Enhanced Productivity - Demand planning & forecasting softwares delivers the data to forecast the estimated demand for the services/product. Hence, there is no way for deficiency and overloading.
  2. Increased Efficiency - User inputs are studied, processed, and standardized with the most recent data retrieved from the database, which results in higher efficiency. A virtual demand planning solution can facilitate supply chain management by forecasting product manufacturing and presuming business profits.
  3. Cost savings β€“ When efficiency and accuracy are maintained and increased, inventory costs reduce simultaneously.


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