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Why Are Young Students Suddenly Interested In Online Learning 08 December, 2020   

Online learning has become popular, and the number of online class takers has also increased. The world shifted its education to online platforms after the imposition of lockdown all over the world. We were not allowed to leave our houses and or gather in public places. There were SOPs issued by the governments as well as the World Health Organization.


The educational institutions had stopped taking their physical classes and everything changed to online learning. IT companies served a great role when online software like Zoom and Google Classroom came to the rescue of schools. There was a lot of resentment with online classes and their teaching methods. There are two opinions on the matter: one in favor of the online classes, while the other against it.


The supporters argued that corona is a deadly disease and has killed thousands of people over the globe. Thus, it is crucial to maintain physical distancing at all costs. The other group believes that online learning is a formality, and there is no real learning in online classes.  


How do students view online learning?


A majority of the students are satisfied with online learning, in fact, there is a 90% education rate as compared to online classes. Students are gradually adjusting to online learning and have managed to ace their exams. There is a huge shift in the minds of the students because students that initially did not like online learning have adapted to them as well. 


We have compiled a list of possible reasons why younger students are interested in online learning lately.


Reasons why young students are suddenly interested in online learning:


The cost-effectiveness:


The cost of education is the first thing that every student looks for when it comes to selecting a discipline. The cost of the course that the students’ studies determine how well the students can manage these subjects.  


It is why the majority of the students try to get a fully funded scholarship for their academics. However, attaining these scholarships is not as easy as it sounds. Things are quite different when it comes to the cost of online learning. According to statistics, there is a 36% rise in the number of students enrolled in online classes. It is a promising number if you think of it as a whole. Students save money on their travel, food, books, and much more, which they use to get enrolled in the best online courses. 


Students usually enroll in paid courses. However, online platforms like Udemy and khan academy are providing tons of online classes for free.


Greater exposure:


The level of exposure that a student experiences in online classes are greater than that of a physical class. It is because we do not restrict online classes by region or nationality. Anyone enrolled in a particular class will take a class despite their origin. 


A popular example of this is the online classes prepared by Stanford and Harvard for students that wish to learn.


Students from across the globe are having healthy discussions and exposure with these students, which is helping them build their knowledge and polish their character well. The enrollment ratio in Harvard’s free course was a booming 100%, which has motivated the management of Harvard to work on additional free courses like these.


Wider course options:


You are limited by the institute that you are a part of when it comes to physical learning. However, you can enroll in any course that you can manage if you are learning online. If you want to learn a subject which you don’t have physically, you can now take it in online classes.


It is a good opportunity for students that want to enhance their knowledge and expertise from education. A student can easily explore other disciplines that he or she finds related to his parent field. You can think of this is as one big menu of online courses that the students can choose from.




It is perhaps the most profound element that makes online learning superior to physical learning. Students can learn according to their personal pace with online learning. They can view the lectures whenever they want for how long they want and then appear for the exam apparently. It is a great option for students that work as they study. They can learn in adjustable timings in ways that suit them the best. 


The flexibility has led thousands of students to get enrolled in online learning courses. If this continues on its course, you will soon see online learning as the primary learning method followed.


The flexible timings help the students learn without any additional burden for studies. It makes it easier for students to find ways that work best for them. Numerous students have enrolled themselves in online courses while maintaining their educational progress well. 


A greater level of focus:


There are many physical classes where students are usually distracted and do not learn anything at all. Online learning makes this easier by making it easier for them to focus on their lectures. Since students are alone when taking these classes, it is easier for them to concentrate on the lecture.


It increases the chances of building better concepts and getting better grades at school. Online learning is definitely a better option if we consider focus as a key factor in learning. It has made online learning popular and we might even see it as the main source of education around the world.


Reduced bullying:


Yes, this is an essential thing to consider. Do you know that 90% of the students in the US have been subject to some form of bullying? It is not about gender or age and occurs equally with all groups. People treat minority ethnicities with a lack of acceptance. It is easier to tackle these things when it comes to online learning because they monitor all interactions 


The teachers can view records and take action against any offensive activity in words or action. It is possibly the most effective way of reducing bullying ratios for students around the globe.


Better sleep patterns:                                                                 


Students have a better chance of getting a good night to sleep with online learning. They do not have to leave early for their classes and compromise on their sleep. Students take their online classes when they want to which makes them genuinely interested in their classes.


Statistics have shown that students who get enough sleep tend to perform better at school too. It reduces the drowsiness and lack of interest of the students during the class.


The students are fully responsive in their classes when they have had enough sleep. According to a study conducted students that take 8-9 hours of sleep every day tend to perform well in school. The numbers go higher as the quality of sleep improves (the earlier they sleep). It really does not get any better than that.


Make sure that you look up more online learning related articles if you want to prove that online class takers have the benefit of learning in every possible way. Let us know what you think about it!


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