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Why Alone Time is So Good For Our Wellbeing and How to Make The Most Of It 18 September, 2020   

Constant interaction with people can sometimes be the reason why we crave some alone time. A lot of things can grow out of time spent alone, therefore scheduling some me-time is highly beneficial. If you’re among those people who’ve been sharing their place with few other people during quarantine, your greatest wish is to be alone for a day. Craving some alone time doesn’t mean that you’re anti-social. This means that you want some peace and quiet to hear your thoughts and work on your wellbeing

In this article, we’ll provide answers to two questions:
Question one - Why is alone time so good for our well-being?

Question two - How to make the most of alone time?

Why Is Alone Time So Good for Our Well-being?

Spending time alone in solitude left to your own thoughts and devices can surprise you. Being alone won’t feel like loneliness, so don’t be afraid to be alone. This is something every person on this planet should try to build resilience, mental strength, and thrive. 

Time alone helps clear out mental clutter

We live in the time of a heightened uncertainty because of the pandemic. Our minds are constantly overwhelmed by all these negative thoughts and fears. Overthinking leads to mental clutter. Mental clutter leads to tensions and causes general lack of energy. In turn, the lack of energy, both physical and mental, can affect your productivity, empathy, patience, and put stress on your relationships. Alone time can help you clear out your mind and get rid of mental clutter. You’ll be able to think clearly, reframe negative thoughts and improve your focus. By doing so you won’t dump your negative thoughts and emotions on the person next to you. 

Solitude aids self-reflection

When you spend some time on your own, you make room in your schedule to self-reflect. We have to assess our past and present in order to plan the right steps for the future. Covid 19 pandemic has probably ruined many of our plans, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan your next steps. If you still have some goals you want to achieve for 2020, you should self-reflect. You’ll take your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors into account and assess your future steps. Self-reflection will help you set some new goals, rediscover your aspirations and find joy in your future actions.

It sparks creativity

When we spend time in a group of people, we’re easily distracted. Just think about your regular day at the office. You probably wouldn’t be able to go a day without headphones because there’s always some commotion and activity going on. Therefore, alone time can help you achieve the exact opposite. You can turn your focus on one thing that matters to you without being interrupted every few minutes. Alone time will get you in the zone to create and get lost in your project. This can be something you do as a hobby or a creative side of your regular work. Just tap into alone time to unleash your creativity and use this inspiration to solve problems, find innovative solutions and encourage further growth.

Alone time improves your productivity

Just like with creativity, alone time improves your productivity. Focusing on a project or a task of high importance in a crowded room or the office might be a real challenge. We already know that writers go on retreats so they’ll be able to write in solitude, without interruptions. You can do the same if you have a deadline coming up, so you need to be in a productivity-boosting environment. Solitude provides such an environment. 

It’s a powerful stress-reduction tool

Some peace and quiet is a luxury at times. This is especially true when you’re under stress and crave your own personal cocoon where you’ll be able to unwind. We live in a fast-paced world and we’re constantly trying to keep up with it. We have to work on our careers, but not sacrifice our personal life along the way. 

We have to be as productive as possible, but we have to see that new post on social media your colleague just asked you about. We need to eat healthily, work out, and get a healthy amount of sleep every day if we want to remain healthy. All of these things keep us tense and stressed all the way because we don’t want to miss out on any little thing. 

That’s why alone time without to-do lists, busy schedules will help you achieve a state of ease. You’ll get a chance to rest, recharge, and be stress-free.  Maybe the main cause of your stress is all these activities, so you’ll do yourself a favor by doing nothing at all for a change.

You’ll better understand relationships in your life

People can be a source of stress, as well. You’ve probably heard the term emotional vampires which is used to describe people who make you feel stressed. Those people use your relationship to vent their problems, project their issues on you, and drain you of all energy. After they finish their monologue, they won’t even ask you how your day was, because they are the sole center of their universe. Solitude can help you get away from these people. 

On the other hand, there are those people we love having in our lives but we see each other all the time. Alone time can reinvigorate your relationships because you’ll get a chance to experience things on your own. Afterward, you’ll get together and talk about new experiences and only strengthen your bond.

How to Make the Most of Alone time?

We’ve just outlined the benefits of spending some time on your own without any distractions. Now’s the time to provide answers to the second question and suggest the best activities you can do on your own.

Do nothing at all!

Maybe the reason you seek solitude is that you’re tired of constantly doing something. Even when you’re on your own and you scroll through social media doesn’t mean that you’re entirely on your own. You’re using social media as a form of entertainment and still repeating something you do every single day. Slowing down and enjoying some quiet time can diffuse mental clutter and increase your ability to be in the moment.

Take up cycling

We’ve spent all this time locked in during quarantine, that we crave being out in the open. That’s why you can take up cycling to improve your fitness and have some fun alone time. Cycling is a great cardio activity you can do whatever you feel like it. You can cycle around the neighborhood, all around the town, or explore nearby cycling routes in nature. Make sure you pick a mountain bike at Bikes Online because you'll be able to conquer difficult trails and ride safely around the town. Riding a bike to work is definitely safer than being crammed in public transport so this is one more reason to give cycling a try.

Explore a nearby town

We cannot travel far, but we can satiate our wanderlust by exploring tourist spots in the vicinity. You can hop on your bicycle and ride to a nearby town. If it’s not so close by, you can go by car or other forms of transport. First, Google local spots you can visit and take a few photos for your feed. Find a place known for the best coffee, have lunch at a second-place and eat dessert at a third local restaurant. This way you’ll enjoy your solo adventure fully.

Get lost in a new hobby

...or you can revive your love for an old hobby. If you like sewing, dust off your sewing machine and make some face masks for your friends or elderly in your neighborhood. You’ll be creative and also reward other people with your kindness. If you need some novelty, take up something new. Many courses are available online and you’ll probably find something you can do from your home. 

Read outside

Reading is another thing you can do on your own. You will get lost in the book so you’ll get rid of mental clutter. Reading something you’ve been postponing due to the lack of free time will be like a reward for you. Go to a local park and read your book in the open air. Take a blanket with you and a small pillow and position yourself comfortably and read. 

Gift yourself a home spa experience

We’re talking about those three magic words - hot bubble bath. Yes, you need something like that immediately. When was the last time you soaked up in a hot bath? Warm water will reduce muscle strain and tension from your limbs. Bubbles are fun and you’ll feel like a Hollywood star in a luxury hotel. A few drops of essential oils will add lovely scents into the mix and elevate the entire experience. 

Experiment in the kitchen

Mastering a few recipes should be on your list of solo activities. You’ll have fun, learn something new and eat well. Cooking is a very creative activity because you can play by the rules or make up your own. Once you learn how to make a recipe by the book, you can experiment a bit each time you make that meal. For example, if you want to perfect chocolate chip cookies recipe, follow the instructions in the recipe. But once you make several batches of cookies, you can mix some new ingredients to make your own version of cookies.

Do a puzzle

Getting lost in a challenging mental exercise can be yet another of the things you do on your own. Depending on the number of puzzle pieces, it can be quite a challenge and a time-consuming experience. But, you’ll practice your analytical skills because you’ll observe how each piece fits with another and try all possibilities until you find the right fit. You’ll spend some time on a challenging activity that will consume all your attention and provide stress relief. If you can’t break your phone addiction, jigsaw puzzles can help you. They will keep you occupied for an extended period of time so you won’t have the urge to reach from your phone. 

Lastly, use your alone time to write a list of goals for the rest of 2020. There’s still time left to redefine your goals so use the time spent in solitude doing a range of exciting things to spark your ideas and set your goals. After you spend some time alone, you will cherish your relationships better and be a better friend, relative, or partner to your dear people. 

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