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What makes a good parent, and how to become one? 17 April, 2019   

In this busy world, it becomes challenging for parents to be always kind and behave normally towards their children without letting them undergo any uncomfortable situation. 

There is no such specific theory on how to be a good parent and secure the future of our children. In this article, we will highlight the things you need to learn about what makes a good parent? And how to be a good parent?

What makes a good parent? Find the answer with a few mandatory qualities:

Talking about the fact like what makes a good parent is not an easy task. You must be aware of various things like the behavior and other qualities. The response is important among all.

We will also discuss the rifts in marriages which also affects the child. Other attributes will include the way of responding even if you do not agree with your child. Also giving time to your child is an essential quality.

• Behavior

It is essential and basic quality. We must be careful while behaving with others in general, but while in front of your child you must be extra conscious of your behavior. It is so because you are the first teacher for them. They learn and behave like us, and only after that, they learn from schools and others. 

First of all, the most important thing is to improve our behavior and then it will be effortless to teach our child about good manners and etiquette. This is because since you are exhibiting a good personality, they will automatically learn from you.

Your behavior will automatically reflect on theirs. So if you are planning to be a father or mother in the next three or four years, then you must start working on your behavior. Even if you have good manners, still there can be room for improvements.

• Strong and happy married life

Relationship of the parents affects the children a lot in both positive and negative ways. It is not just a statement, but after conducting surveys on parenting by Marital and Family Research Institute, Seattle, they have found that people who have become parents as a result of the love marriage, they love their children very much and are very active parents. 

It has also been found that the parents who are not happy with their marriage don’t behave nicely with their children. Most of the time they try to quarrel between them and hence the future could not be secured easily. 

Therefore, the bonding between the father and mother is significant for the kids as they will nurture accordingly. If they see the love and a positive environment around them, then they will surely grow up to become good human beings, spreading the love and positivity which they inherited since a child.

• Spending time with the Family

For becoming a good parent, it is not required to fulfill all the demands of your children. Instead, the critical fact is that if you spend time with them, then it makes them happier as compared to the cases when you provide them with what they demand but can’t be there to see the happiness on their faces at that time.

It doesn't mean that you need not to provide the things that they need, but the children want things which have more value than worldly possessions. 

Therefore, it is found that good parents try to spend some quality time with their children. So for becoming a good parent, we must take some time out from our busy schedule especially for our children.

We can either play games with them or sometimes we can also cook small recipes like breakfast or something for snacks etc. The best way to spend time with your family is to take them out on family outings regularly.  

• The way of responding back

Reaction or response matters a lot. Suppose you are not liking what your child is suggesting or demanding, then don’t just directly say NO to them. But, you must use your brain and neutralize the situation. You can come up with a story or tell why you cannot fulfill their wishes at the moment as per their demands.

This will help them to understand why you cannot meet what they are asking for and they will not feel bad for this rejection. 

We must take care of all those small things as these things are like salt in the food. It is required a minimal amount, but without it, the taste of the food will be utterly horrible. So be careful while reacting to your child’s action and that’s what makes a good parent. 

• Avoid Comparison with other of their age

You might have heard about the comparison that various parents do, but it sometimes works the opposite. In the modern age of technology and science, it creates a bad impression only, towards your child.

Therefore, we must not compare, but instead, we must tell them the success stories of various recent leaders and successful persons like different political leaders, some role models related to various fields like sport or medical, engineering, etc.

It will have a positive impact on their minds and the after effects are better as compared to the comparison with others of the same age. 

So for good parents, it's always advisable to not compare with others of the same age, instead give examples of real-life success stories. This will help your kid to get motivated and act accordingly.

• Providing the Back up when they need

Sometimes your child might face some situations which are very difficult to meet. In such cases, we, as good parents, must back them up even if there are others to back them like their friends. There are cases when your child is studying outside or doing a job, but still, they need your backup and support to keep themselves motivated.

• There must be some set of rules

From the very beginning, we must set some rules and regulations even at home. It will help them in future to be disciplined. These rules may include their entertainment and sports time as well as their study time. When they become adults, they will still follow them as they will be used to following these rules.

It will help them in improving their managing skills as they will set the standards for themselves. More importantly, these will help your child to learn time management.  

• Communication with your Children

Communication is a crucial factor on a regular basis between children and parents. This will help parents to understand what their child needs and what they need to do to make their child’s life better. Many unwanted issues can be solved with the help of communication.

• Provide them proper guidance, don’t demand from them

Parents need to be very careful about the guidance that they provide to their children. They should guide them in a very polite and courteous manner. The children shouldn’t feel that the parents are demanding instead of conducting. 

• Last but not the Least, Show your love and understand theirs too

Love is the only thing apart from all the qualities mentioned above that is superior to the others. Showering your love determines a good parent and an average parent.

Finally, in the end, we can say that we must first love them and then only we should involve ourselves in improving other qualities. What makes a good parent is a way you bring up your child. Do not be harsh with them and always make them understand with love. After all, if you have a soothing personality and a big heart, your children will also inherit the good qualities from you.

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