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What is Neuromarketing? 13 May, 2020   


Himanshi Kalota

In the quest of selling products, marketers have always tried to look into consumers brain and now it is actually possible to do so with the fusion of neuro and marketing.

What is neuromarketing?

It is the study of response of human brain to advertising and branding, and the use of those response as feedback. Various technologies are used such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) to see the pattern of brain activity in relation to various advertisements. Further this information is utilized to understand why consumers makes different decisions, and what part of their brain is motivating them to do so.

These are the parts of brain, neuromarketers wish to stimulate:

·     Nucleus accumbens—creates the expectation of pleasure

·     Prefrontal cortex—controls higher thinking

·     Hippocampus—assists with memory

·     Insula—anticipates (and avoids) painful stimuli

·     Mesial prefrontal cortex—registers disappointment when a hoped-for reward doesn’t materialize


Emergence of neuromarketing?

The concept was discovered long ago by Harvard Marketing professor Gerry Zaltman in 1990. But it became famous after the Pepsi and Coca-Cola challenge. In this challenge, a group of people were asked to drink either Pepsi or Coca-Cola while their brains were being simultaneously scanned in fMRI machine. The test failed to provide how consumers choose between brands but the test gave results on which part of brains light up when they are aware or not aware the brand they are consuming. The study suggested that a brand like Coca-Cola has power to lighten up a piece of our frontal cortex.


Who are able to take the advantage of neuromarketers?

The procedure is not cheap. Therefore, companies who are able to make big investments and have surplus profits are able to utilize the most of this process. Some significant examples are:

·    The Weather Channel (TWC) was another company that partnered with NeuroFocus, as it prepared to relaunch it’s When Weather Changed History series. Using EEGs as well as eye-tracking technology and GSR (galvanic skin response), TWC was able to refine its commercials, and programming, for maximum impact.

·    Microsoft uses EEG data to better understand its users interactions with its personal and laptop computers, including feelings of surprise, satisfaction, and frustration.


When can neuromarketing be effective?

It is applicable on anyone who has developed an opinion about a product or a company. Marketing always focuses on creating a positive and memorable impact on its customers and the neuromarketing measures these impacts and analyses the subconscious consumer needs.


What are the Principles of neuromarketing?

There are mainly six principles which are as follows:

·    Never use “we” or talk about your company. Focus on your customer pain points and not on yours.

·    Straight to the point. The message shown by the company is competing with other 10,000 messages sent to the brain daily.

·    Be fuller of ideas and pictures. If visuals can’t be used then create an image of your customers.

·    Keep it concrete. Ads with facial expressions, which help decode people’s intentions, can be one such example.

·    Effective strong. Pay attention to the start and end of your ads. This leads to better memory storage.

·   Use emotions- surprise, laughter, fear and anger all cause disruptions. This triggers memories.


Usage of neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing has changed the world of advertisements. Big companies use neuromarketing in following ways:

·    To test ads: Various machines are used to see the working of brain activities when they are shown different ads. Revealing how a person feels plays a vital role.

·    Design layouts: Designers are now able to tap what are the consumers attracted towards with the help of neuromarketing. This help designers to create websites and various print layouts which are consumer needs oriented.

·    Choosing the perfect color: Even science witness the fact that colors greatly impact our lives and human brains. So, the rightful usage of colors help an advertisement to trigger human emotions.


Effects of various neuromarketers on various P’s of marketing?

·    Price- The neuromarketing does not affects the product price directly. The huge price of this procedure can be included on an average in product price or its burden can be decreased by usage of profits. Even companies can make investments in neuromarketers.

·    Promotion- The fusion of neuro and marketing to record the reaction of human brain to ads.

·    People- This element can be related to employing neuromarketers in a company.

·    Product- It helps marketers determine the appeal of a product’s packaging before it even hits the shelves. One famous case of this involves Frito-Lay. When the company wanted to improve sales among women, they learned that many women didn’t buy potato chips because they felt guilty. But through the power of neuromarketing, the company discovered that packaging that used softer colors and pictures of the ingredients in the chips lessoned the sense of guilt. Frito-Lay used the results to redo the packaging for most of their product line.

·   Process- Various policies relating to changes in layout, making an effective ad, time period after which regular surveys will be conducted, etc can be focused here.

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