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What are Trigger events in B2B Sales and why your team needs a strategy to use them effectively 13 November, 2021   

In today's world, selling is more difficult because buyers are busier and have more information to deal with. As a result, having a discussion with the appropriate context and timing is critical for a sales representative. Trigger events can assist your sales prospecting process by putting you in front of the proper buyers with the correct context to begin talking. 

What is a Trigger Event?

A trigger event is an occurrence that serves as a signal to potential customers of the need for what we offer. A trigger event is any stimulus that induces client interest in the opportunity for change or the need for what we provide. Trigger events can occur at virtually any level, including at the industry, corporate, or department levels and even in people's personal lives. Market fluctuations, environmental changes, or economic circumstances are all conceivable trigger situations.

Trigger events are significant since they represent a chance for businesses to be more open to new technologies or collaborate with other companies.

“Sixty-three percent (63%) of Best-in-Class firms currently deploy formal trigger event tools – notifications, RSS feeds, alerts, posting / tagging updates and the like – among their front-line sellers.”

Sales leaders may benefit from triggers if they comprehensively understand the characteristics of their ideal customer profile (ICP). Every sales leader should consider all of an ideal consumer's characteristics, including company size, industry and location, as well as technological usage, revenue and growth trends. It's vital to realize that these qualities are not the same as triggers. Attributes represent a firm's raw quantifiable or subjective characteristics. However, understanding the company based on attributes alone is insufficient. We must also comprehend who within our target consumers will be making purchase decisions regarding our product or service, as well as what motivates their buying decisions. This implies that Trigger events are not created equal, and a thorough knowledge of both your target customer profile, buyer personas, and purchasing decisions is required to create a successful B2B trigger event marketing approach.

You can upload a list of your customers to the Triggr platform to generate a graphical representation of your ideal customer profile from a firmographic, technographic, and growth standpoint.

Examples of Useful Trigger Events

The following are the categories of triggers: growth, location, financial, employment, and legislative.Below are some examples of Trigger events that B2B sales professionals monitor for and why they are important to track.  

  • Hiring Surge - Hiring surges can reflect internal change within the company, indicating that they may be more receptive to new solutions. Alternatively, it can also reflect strong internal performance. All of which, present strong cases for selling.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Activity – Any merger or acquisition activity is a sign of change throughout the company. Changes to hiring, financing, and operations are anticipated across the organization, which implies new possibilities to embrace innovative technology and processes.

  • Appointment of C-Suite executives - New C-Suite executives are often appointed and expected to effect change in a short period of time. As a result, their greater control over decision-making and desire for improvement makes them more likely to embrace new technologies and methods. As a result, this creates an opening to sell. 

  • New Technology Installs – Identifying who is buying into technologies you have partnerships/integrations with is one of the most efficient methods to take advantage of the sign of new technology installations. If your product links to Hubspot, look for companies that have recently started using it within your ICP. They'll be able to get the most out of your product or service, increasing their propensity to buy.

  • Company Expansion – New vendors, partners, or a greater openness to change will be required if a firm expands into a new market.

  • Company Result Announcement – The announcement of company results might be an indication that change is required. For example, a quarter of poor outcomes may indicate that management is seeking to embrace change in order to promote your product or service. 

Other examples of trigger events that are important to track on the Triggr platform are:

  • New Job Post

  • News Mentions

  • Office Location Changes

  • Fundraises

  • Website Updates

  • Customer Role Changes

  • Buyer Persona Role Changes

Why is having a strategy important when using Trigger events?

It's critical to recognize that not all Trigger events are relevant for every company, which is why having a tailored B2B trigger selling approach is so important. It's critical to identify your ideal customer profile (ICP) when developing a B2B Trigger Event selling plan. Knowing this will aid in the creation of your strategy and help you tailor your activities to appeal to the appropriate individuals. The next example demonstrates why it's so crucial to have a specificized Trigger event.

Let's make the case that you're a sales development representative (SDR) for a firm selling an HR solution that connects to HR systems like Workday or SuccessFactors, and your employer has over 1,000 employees and generates more than $100 million in revenue. Every time a business employs Workday or SuccessFactors, it represents an opportunity for you to engage with the context surrounding the Trigger event. This is not relevant for a salesperson trying to sell marketing automation software to the head of marketing at small businesses.

As a result, each business or sales individual will need their own properly diagnosed ICP and buyer personas. Within your ICP, you'll discover the qualities of firms that are a good fit for what you're offering. This lets you figure out what modifications suggest an opportunity and how to track them in order to contact customers at the right time with the right information. For example, if you've identified that the ICP attributes you desire are located in your nation and are a fast-growing business, the events you'd be monitoring would be company expansion into your country and excellent financial performance.

B2B sales triggers may help you customize and personalize your sales pitch after you've determined when to contact future prospects. Triggers assist in both determining the ideal time and context for your discussion with prospects. They ‘warm up' the conversation we are having by demonstrating the study and relevance behind your cold outreach. When you have a purpose for contacting your prospects, they will be able to readily detect the significance of your message. You'll be ready with an answer for "Why now?."

The use of trigger events does not just start conversations with cold calls. Adapting the approach your sales team uses in their messaging, sending automated marketing emails based on a trigger, creating relevant gated content around it, and sharing other relevant content about the trigger are all additional methods to utilize it in your outreach. Marketers said that implementing triggered actions saved them 80 percent on direct marketing expenses. All of this will help you develop your reputation and bond with prospects, resulting in greater possible future sales opportunities down the road.

How do you find trigger events?

There are many tools that exist to help you detect trigger events, one of which is Triggr. Triggr’s platform can first help you find lookalike clients to your current ones using a combination of firmographic and technographic data. After that, Triggr will assist you in establishing trigger events that are important to your company, and it will notify you immediately when these business and people changes occur.

Overall, trigger events are a highly effective tool for salespeople to use. They will assist in shortening your sales cycle and making your team more productive by providing context and motivation for the sale discussion. 20% more of the sales development professionals that utilized Sales Triggers achieved their sales targets in a group of 206. As a result, it's critical to continue developing your selling plan from there.

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