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What are the Karmic Numbers? And Its Impact on Life 19 January, 2021   

Karma is a belief that one reaps what one sows.  In simple words, the actions of a person in the present will affect his/her future. It is a term used for the cycle of cause and effect. As per this belief, people say that bad things happen to a person because of his/her deeds in the past. This belief supports the notion of incarnation. The soul of a  person gets reborn in different physical bodies again and again, and each incarnation gets worked out by karma. There are two types of karma: bad karma and good karma.


Karmic numbers in numerology are one of the best ways to know the past life and predict the future life of a person. Based on these numbers, a numerologist can say everything that involves the person's soul. An individual's action on his/her past life can get determined from the karmic numbers in numerology. How these past life actions will affect his/her future gets predicted from these numbers. This is what karmic number meaning is.


Let us discuss some of the karmic number and their meanings and how they impact our life:

Karmic Lessons Number

The numbers that are missing from your birth name are termed as karmic lesson numbers. Due to the absence of these numbers, its vibrations are also not present. The vibration missing from your energy field during your birth is because you haven't experienced particular energy in your previous life.  In this life, you have the opportunity to experience the same energy so that the vibration will not miss the energy field in your next life. The missing number will continue to appear over and over in every life if you do not master the lost energy.


The karmic lesson number helps you to identify the things you need to do in this life. Such things can be a specific action, thought, or understanding. They can help you to find out what is causing the imbalance in your vibrational pattern. Once you know the karmic lesson numbers that are causing the problem, you can start to work on mastering it. It is one of the best ways to bring back the lacking balance in your life.

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Karmic Debt Numbers

If karmic debt numbers get shown up in your numerology chart, then it is not a good sign. It states that you are dealing with problems because of some actions that you have done in the past life. Four numbers are considered as karmic debt numbers, and they are 13, 14, 16, and 19. If one of these numbers comes out from the numerology chart, then it says that you have some pending debt from the past.


The karmic debts can get defined like this: The number 1 in every number states the selfish abuse of the digit that follows. Let’s see it briefly:


     The number 3 in 13 - creative thinking, energy, and joyfulness get turned into light-heartedness and lack of thoroughness.

     The number 4 in 14 - discipline, accountable, stable, and hard work nature turned into rebelliousness and indulging attitude.

     The number 6 in 16 - love along with commitment has gotten abandoned.

     The number 9 in 19 - Wisdom, knowledge of spirituality, and power used for personal gain and self-satisfaction.


Numerologists write these numbers like 13/4, 14/5, 16/7, 19/1 because it helps to know where the actual debt lies with the reduced numbers or base numbers.


People with these karmic debt numbers have the burden of their karma.

Good Karmic Numbers

The karmic numbers that don't come under the karmic debt numbers don't have any debt pending from their past life. This makes them an excellent karmic number without any burden of karma. Let's discuss some of the  good karmic numbers:


     Karmic Number 10 - This is a number that means karmic completion and gets symbolized as the number of rebirths. It states that no karmic debts are pending and the person can rebegin his/her life from a new start. The number 10 gives a person the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of both the positive traits of numbers 1 through 9.

●     Karmic Numbers 17 -  People with 17 as their karmic number have excellent leadership skills and always give the right judgment. They are always compassionate, self-confident, and spiritually conscious. This number is a special karmic number and get considered a strong spiritual number.

     Karmic Numbers 23 - this number has gotten the name of 'the royal star of the lion'. People with these numbers will see great success in their personal lives and career. They will get help from superior authorities and will get protected by some high places. It is one of the most fortunate numbers.


This is how the karmic numbers have classified on the basis of their impacts on a person’s life. This all gets determined from the birth date and name of the person using numerology. This shows how your name or date of birth can help to predict the burden of karma you have from your previous life.

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