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What are Civil Liberties? 4 Reasons they are so important! 07 May, 2019   

We live in a world where the government makes the rules and regulations of what is right and what is illegal. Thus, to know what are Civil Liberties is important. It gives a clear verification of our rights and help us in enjoying the freedom to its brim.

What are Civil liberties?

Civil Liberties are something that almost every person has a dilemma. If you are one among them, then you have come to the right place. Civil liberties or as we know them as personal freedom, are the guidelines laid down into the constitution of every country that defines certain parameter within which no one can budge in. This region is held safe from any other being whether it be a law or the government itself.
The scope of the term Civil Liberties change from country to country, but despite the differences, there is a lot that remains unchanged. I can offer you a complete outlook that will give you clarity on what are civil liberties.

What do Civil Liberties include?

As said earlier, Civil Liberties covers a major part of the constitution. It covers almost all the rights and privileges that are given to the people of the country. Here are some of the things that Civil Liberties include even though it is different for every other country.

Freedom of Conscience: 
Freedom of Conscience or Freedom of Thoughts is the freedom that let the people of the country has the power and privilege to hold any opinion. It can be either right or wrong; this gives us the power to hold on to a viewpoint or fact regardless of it being true or not.

Freedom of the Press: 
Freedom of Media or Freedom of the Press is a principle that let us communicate and express our thoughts and information through any media platform. This privilege is the backbone of all the media bodies whether it is news channels or newspaper media. These entities are preserved through legal and constitutional protection.

Freedom of Assembly: 
This principle is often used upon with Freedom of Association, and it empowers the people of a country to pursue or defend any belief that is legally binding on an international level without any fear of interference of the legal bodies or the Government.
Freedom of Religion: 
Freedom of Religion is the principle which lets the people of a country hold power to support or follow any religion or community they want to. These rights save people from having issues regarding their beliefs and teaching practices. This privilege also allows the masses to worship and observance of any community, individual or manifest religion they want.

Freedom of Speech:
This is one of the essential civil liberties that we have for ourselves. Freedom of speech is the principle that allows us to empower the freedom of a community or an individual to articulate our thoughts and opinions. This privilege gives us the power to say anything we believe in without any fear of retaliation or legal sanction.

The Right to Equal Treatment under the Law and Due Process: 
The Right to Equality before the Law gives us the right that each will be treated by the law of the country equally. This helps in reducing discrimination between lower and upper class, and also helps in maintaining the equilibrium of power and harmony among the masses.

The Right to a Fair Trial: 
The Right was made ironclad so that no individual or community gets to face any punishment from the law if they found innocent. It means that this right empowers every citizen of the country with the power to get the judgment which is fair and unbiased of anyone's personal needs or beliefs.

The Right to Life:
This is a moral principle which is made to give a person the right to life. The Right says that no human being should have to lose their life from the hand of another human being. This right helps to build harmony in society and saves the masses from any civil war breakdown.

The Right to Own Property: 
The Right empowers any individual or community to own a property that is registered on their name. The Right came into effect to give people the power and will to build and own their property, which in turn helps the governmental bodies too.

The Right to Defend Oneself: 
The Right was made to ensure the safety and security of the public when law enforcement is not nearby to assist. It is more appropriately a countermeasure that allows and saves one from getting harmed by anyone or anything.

The Right to Privacy: 
The Right to Privacy is one of the most controversial rights as it defines the limits and boundaries of which a person can do anything that is legal. This boundary is something that even Law and the Government can break without the consent of the person. Breach of one's privacy is a severe offense and has a stringent law against such things.

Why are Civil Liberties so Important?

Civil liberties are the core of one's beliefs and a sense of peace. Their importance is of great value in the jurisdiction. The Importance of civil liberties and the answer to what are civil liberties can be understood better if we know the real importance of the same. So, here are the reasons why our Civil Liberties are given much emphasis.

Maintains Equality: 
Civil liberties make the groundwork of peace and harmony among the masses and governmental bodies on a global scale. This saves us from any civil war breakdown or dispute over power and right among the people of a country.

Offer us Personal Space: 
Civil Liberties make sure that there are no interactions that are not wanted by the individual in their private boundaries.

The Sense of Security:
These Civil liberties offer us a sense of well-being and security.  These rights empower us with things and rules with which we can challenge anything that we think is not appropriate for us. Also, civil liberties allow us to live our lives without any fear of retaliation.

Power to Get What is Ours: 
Civil liberties such as, right to hold own property and right to a fair trial allow us to get what is ours. People work hard for their livelihood and so, these liberties help us to save what we hold dear.

Civil liberties empower us. They give the people to stand for anything that we hold dear and protect ourselves from any harm by any individual or group. 
Civil liberties maintain power equilibrium and serve as a platform where individuals are equally praised and despised without the background they hold.

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