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We are in the End Days 09 December, 2020   




                Almost exactly two thousand years to the estimated date of 27-30 A.D. has gone by since Christ left the world. We are finally starting to see prophecies happening around us marking the countdown until His Return, and it all centers around Israel.

                The Jewish people have endured massacres, exile and persecution for 1,950 years and it has finally all come to an end. Seventy-two years ago the land was given back to the Jews, Fifty-three years ago the city Jerusalem was retaken by them, and only three years ago was Jerusalem declared the rightful capitol of the Jewish people.

                 There are many Old Testament prophecies concerning Israel being brought back from exile for the last time after fulfilling a certain amount of years. That time of exile, (talked more about later) is up and according to Amos 9:14-15 they will never again be uprooted.

                 Since the end days are ushered in by the rebirth of Israel, here is a brief look at it’s history over the past two thousand years.


{70 AD the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and dispersed the Jews.

{During the next century, Jerusalem is renamed and turned into a pagan temple/city, and the Jewish people are banned from entering. The land is renamed Palastina, (still to this day) which literally means ‘Land of the Philistines’.

Ironic the historical enemies of Israel now inhabited the land even up till today.
{Rome then splits in two, and Israel falls under the Byzantine Kingdom and becomes ‘Christianized’.

{Islam then arises, captures Jerusalem, and builds the Dome on the Rock. Muhammad ordered the Jews to convert which did not happen so he turned against them and renamed Jerusalem ‘Mecha’.

{The Crusaders arise and kill Muslims, Jews and Christians until Saladdin wipes them all out. Israel becomes Muslim again.

{The Ottoman/Turkish Empire arise and rule the land for 400 years up until the 20th century. They are anti Jewish and persecute them harshly.

{The British arrive and capture both the land and city, and for the first time in almost two thousand years the Jews are shown favor and they are allowed to start making their way back to the land.

{Europe then turns against the Jews and WWII is ushered in. Britain then gives Israel over to the United Nations which votes to split Israel in two making it both Arabic and Israeli.

{Then, for the first time since Christ was alive, Israel was reborn in 1948.

{1967 Started the six-day war where the Israelis took back Jerusalem (as it was not given in 1948) and different areas of land. The United Nations did not support and did not recognize Jerusalem as a Jewish capitol for another Fifty years.

{2017 Donald Trump signed America’s recognition of Jerusalem being the Jewish capitol.





                In case of any doubt that Israel’s last exile came to an end in 1948, it actually can be confirmed through a mathematic prophecy in Ezekiel.

                Ezekiel foretold of 430 years of exile for the Jewish people as 390 days laying on one side, 40 days on the other. (Ezekiel 4:5)

                Jeremiah then came along and foretold of seventy years of exile left. Sure enough the Jews were freed from their Babylonian exile and returned home to Israel after seventy years. But, according to Ezekiel’s prophecy, they still had time left to fulfill in exile; the 70 years bumping his 430 prophesied years now down to 360 years of exile left.

                God promised in Leviticus 26:18-39 that if the Israelites did not obey His commandments, and went their own separate way that He would punish them seven times over. Once freed, the Israelites were disobedient and turned to other gods so therefore, Ezekiel’s 360 years of exiled prophecy was now multiplied by seven which comes out to a total of 2,520 years of judgment remaining.

To find out when the exact date of the exile was to end, you have to put the years into days because the of the Solar/Julian calendar differences.

 2,520 years

x  360 days

= 907,200 days

Converting the days into the solar (Julian) year needs to be done, so it is now –


÷ 365.25

= 2,483.78 years remain of the judgment.

Lets now sum it all up.

 2,484      Years remaining

-536 B.C. End of the first 70-year exile

=1948      End of Israel’s judgment and exile.

Or to put it simply, 1948 + 536 B.C = 2,484 years of exile.


                Exactly like Ezekiel had prophesied, 2,484 years later the Jews were set free.    

                A promise was made by God further down in the chapter that once these years were up that “They will never again be two nations or be divided into two kingdoms.”

                Now in the same chapter, another prophecy took place – The Valley of Dry Bones.

                God takes Ezekiel to a valley filled with dried bones and when God commands, Ezekiel speaks to the bones. They all come back to life and form a massive army. This was a prophecy concerning the nation of Israel being utterly destroyed, and through Gods hand being resurrected back to life.




                In 70 A.D. the Romans came through and destroyed Jerusalem slaughtering thousands and enslaving the rest. Three years later however, the last stand took place at Masada, where the last stringent of soldiers that survived the destruction of Jerusalem held out. The Romans laid siege, and several months later with no success had finally built a dirt ramp so tall that they finally took the wall. Instead of entering Masada with soldiers bearing down on them, all was quiet when they breeched the walls.

                Instead of being led off as slaves, a mass suicide had taken place inside. 960 rebels were dead, with only two women and five children who had hid in the drain surviving to tell the story.

                There, it became historically known as the ‘Grave of Israel’.

                      1948 – Almost two thousand years later, the resurrection started to take place just as Ezekiel foretold. Not only did the people start flooding back to the land, but the Israeli soldier was ‘resurrected’ and set foot on the ground for the first time since.

                      Then, five years later in 1953, a soldier/archeologist started an excavation on Masada, and received the help of many Israeli soldiers to dig up the massive grave where Israeli soldiers died just short of two thousand years earlier. While digging up Israel’s grave, a piece of scripture was found dating back thousands of years. It was the same section in Ezekiel that contained the prophecy of the Dry Bones.


                Today we are seeing droves of Jews making their way back to Israel since the rebirth. These prophecies have all come true, but Jesus also prophesied and said - For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, 'Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.'” (Matthew. 23:39)

                And these days more than ever before, Jesus is being accepted as the Messiah by the Jews. This conversion that is taking place is what will usher in Christ returning to the earth. Seeing all these prophecies around us being fulfilled, the age old theory of a seven millennia earth becomes so much more possible as we will now be entering it within a few short years.  



                The idea of a 7,000-year timeline has been a very popular theory throughout history, and it was especially widely accepted by the early church. Many well known early Christian writers wrote of a six thousand rule of man with the last thousand years being Christ’s reign on earth.

                Jewish teachings believe in a seven millennia earth, and even early writings of the faith teaches that year six thousand is the latest that the Messianic age can be initiated. (From the Talmud 3rd-4th century) - “Six thousand years the world will exist and one [thousand, the seventh], it shall be desolate (haruv), as it is written, ‘And the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day’.

                A text from the Jewish Midrash (written between 400-800 A.D.) “Six eons for going in and coming out, for war and peace. The seventh eon is entirely Shabbat and rest for life everlasting.”


                Whether these texts that were written so long ago were correct or incorrect, it is a theory worth considering, as it is one that has survived for two thousand years and also aligns with scripture.

                We will by no means set any dates wherein that is unbiblical, but we will look at passages and stories in the Bible that parallels a seven millennium world.

                So let’s start with the number seven, since seven millennia is based upon that number and see what significance it held throughout the entirety of biblical history.




*the Hebrew letters of the alphabet

each have a numerical value, so adding

them together is where numbers come from.


                  Zayin, is the seventh letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It means ‘sword’ and is used to divide or “cut up” time into units of sevens.


Shabbat – the 7th day of the 7-day week (the week of days)
Shavuot – the 49th day after Passover (the week of weeks)
Tishri – the 7th month of the year (the week of months)
Shmita – the 7th year of rest for the land (the week of years)
Yovel – the 49th year (the week of weeks of years)
The Millennial Kingdom – the 7th millennium of human history


                  Zayin also means ‘crown’ as it’s a crowned Vav   (the sixth letter) - making Zayin also a representation of the Crowned Messiah coming with a Sword.

                Vav, (six) is a masculine form therefore man is always represented through Vav. (God made man on the sixth day).

                When both Zayin and Vav stand together they represent a relationship, as their numerical value adds up to 13, the number of love. They also form the eighth letter of the alphabet - Chet.

                Chet is the first letter in the word Chuppah, which is an ancient Jewish wedding canopy that would stand over the bride and groom.

                Chet (eight) is the number that represents the Messiah ‘marrying’ His bride. It is also the number of new beginnings and new life, shown especially when Jesus rose on the eighth day of the week, starting a brand new beginning.


                So here we have three letters/numbers of the alphabet each having a symbolic foreshadowing of the future.

                Six, representing man. Seven, representing the Crowned Messiah coming with a Sword.  Eight, new life takes place with a union forming between God and man.

                The question now to ask is this – do even these ancient letters foretell of a 7,000-year earth, with six being the last year of man, seven being the year of Messiah’s return, and eight a new life with God?





                Sheva, (the Hebrew word for seven) found 860 times in the Bible, has been used continuously by God to describe fullness, completion, and perfection. Sheva in Hebrew literally means “complete”. 

                God created the world in six days, and His work was completed on the seventh. Because Sheva means completion and perfection, you will notice that throughout the Bible nothing has ever been, or WILL be completed on any other number. To put it simply, Sheva is the only number that completion will take place on.

                Some observe that each day of Creation were physically 1,000 years instead of a twenty-four-hour period, which I do not agree with. However, I am more apt to agree with the assumption that each day in Creation foreshadows or symbolizes the length of time for the earth. I will explain in more detail why and how that could be a possibility a bit further down. First however, lets look at the laws set into motion by God that were to take place specifically on ‘Sheva’.


1.         Shabbat. God rested from all work on the seventh day, and thus created the Sabbath day as a day of rest. Mirroring His week of Creation, the sixth day for the people then became the last day of work before seven came along.  During the Sabbath, no work or any kind of exertion was allowed, therefore everything you would need for the 25 hours of rest would have to be completed the day before. Because even so much as lighting or extinguishing a fire was forbidden, it was by all means, a luxurious day of rest.

If God has been at work ever since Adam sinned, when will His eternal rest be? The Bible clearly states when God takes His final Sabbath day, it will be after the new heaven and new earth take their place, and His final words are stated “IT IS DONE”. (Revelation 21:6) That sentence ushers the eternal age in.

2.         Shmita. (year of release) Just as God called for a Sabbath day, He called for a Shmita. Or as it is known in the modern world as a Sabbatical. The difference being, that instead of days, its years. The land was to be worked for six years, and rested on the seventh. Debts were to be completely forgiven, agricultural lands were to lie untouched so the common people could access it, food storage and perineal harvests were to be freely given out. (Exodus 23:10) Now, not only did the people have to rest on the seventh day, but the land itself had to rest on the seventh year.

3.         Jubilee. (yovel – “rams horn”) Seven cycles of seven marked the Jubilee year. Forty-nine years were to be counted, and on the start of the fiftieth year a trumpet blast was sounded, followed by the start of the Jubilee. No agricultural work was to take place, all property was to revert back to the original owner, and slaves were to be set free. (Leviticus 25:8)

                These laws were physical laws that were to be kept, but they were also prophetic as well. Besides the fact that the seventh day, year, or multiple years were to be a time of rest, the Shmita and Jubilee were foreshadowing the last day when Christ comes back at the sound of a trump, frees the bound world and sets up eternal rest.   


                Now that we’ve covered the main laws God set up under the number seven, let me start this out by firmly saying that God is God, He does not have to stick to any order He previously created, and He does not have to do anything He does not want to or see fit. Knowing this, we will just assume He has not changed things in the past two thousand years and continue to follow His previous orders or ‘patterns’ whether we end up right or wrong.




                 Seeing the pattern (of sevens) that God put in place, we might be able to go so far as to say that He would continue the order for His future plans. If you are thinking that the pattern of ‘Sheva’ does not apply since we are not Jewish or under the Law anymore, keep in mind that this order was put together by God, not the Jewish people. So yes, they would continue.

                We might also think that since God is outside of time, things like this order do not matter, but every time that He has dealt with the earth… has been in time and He will continue to work that way until the Eternal Age comes.

                 God has always given the world ordinances that are in Heaven. For example, He gave Manna to the people at one point in time, which is the food of angels.

                Numbers, came from Heaven as you can find them symbolically used in Heaven and will continue on eternally even when time ends (such as when He creates the New Jerusalem)

                Colors come from Heaven, (Genesis 9:13) “I have set my rainbow in the clouds.” You can also find them all throughout the Bible describing heaven.

                And lastly, there are seven festivals that are God’s. The seven Jewish holidays happen to be the only world holidays that are not ‘man-made’ through events that happened historically, so quite possibly they were celebrated in the clouds long before they were given as Jewish holy days.

                The seven ‘Moadim’ [festivals] that God gave were actually prophetic in the light of future redemption, and all have been symbolically fulfilled on earth except for two. (Leviticus 23)

1.         Pesach (Passover) Jesus died on Passover, fulfilling His death as the Lamb.

2.         Shabbat (Sabbath) Jesus rested in the grave during the Sabbath.

3.         Bikkurim (Firstfruits) Jesus rose again on Bikkurim becoming the Firstfruit of those            who will rise from the dead on the Last Day.

4.         Shavuot (Pentecost) Celebration of giving of the Torah- Jesus gave the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

5.         Yom Kippur [Kipper = ransom/redeem] (Day of Atonement) Jesus was the Atonement, but also in the last days it will be the day of ransom/redeeming.

6.         Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets or New Year) A trump is sounded marking a new beginning.

7.         Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) A time to dwell in a hut/tabernacle.

                The last two fall festivals will be fulfilled when the trumpet sounds and Jesus returns to reign and ‘Mishkan’ [to dwell and tabernacle] with us. 




                Before we further talk about how seven ties in with the last days, we need to look at an assumption (because nobody really knows) of how God sees time. We will combine a hint from Peter and the symbolic order of seven and see what we get.


                Peter quoted David when he said “A day is like a thousand years to the Lord” (2Peter 3:8) Some versions translate this verse as - “With the Lord” and some translate as “To the Lord”. That one little word makes such a huge difference in how this verse is presented.

                 Most tend to go with the translation “With the Lord” making this verse about the nonexistence of time in Heaven rather than “To the Lord”- how God sees time.

                I side with the translations “To the Lord” because of the fact that this is a quote from King David, and he specifically said in Psalms 90:4 “A thousand years in your sight…” not - ‘a thousand years with you’.

                There are three ways people interpret this verse. One, some interpret it as the age of the universe. Two, it’s interpreted as a non-existence of time in Heaven. Three, you interpret it as a literal millennium.

                I take this verse as a literal thousand years, because of the fact that the root word for ‘thousand’ [chilioi g5507] is referenced eleven times all as the exact number 1,000. One of those references is found in Revelation 11:3 talking about the length of time for the two witnesses to preach on earth. (1,260 days) That, we seem to all take as a literal thousand days, not an uncertain amount of time. It is also the same root word as the thousand-year millennium when Satan is bound and Christ reigns on earth. If you believe that to be a literal thousand years, well then you need to also take the thousand year in Psalms and Peter as the same literal amount of time.


                Let’s also look at the whole context of the verse in Peter. The entirety of the chapter is about the ‘Day of the Lord’ as it speaks about the End Days, and the fact that God is not actually taking forever to come, He just sees time differently.

                  Peter starts off the verse by saying “But you must not forget this one thing.”

                That right there is a warning to pay attention to what he follows up with. We should not necessarily need to pay special attention to a certain phrase UNLESS, there was a much deeper meaning that people were not catching on to.

                So then, if Peter is really hinting that one day equals a millennium in God’s sight, could the seven days of Creation be a prophetic and symbolic image to the life of the planet being a working six-thousand-year timeline with a resting period on the seventh ‘day/year/millennium’?

                For example, lets look at Adam. God specifically said that Adam would die on the very same day if he ate the fruit of the tree. (Gen. 2:17)

                We all know God does not lie, and He did not change His mind or it would have been written down such as the few other times He ‘repented’ from a decision.  A lamb also did not cover the sins of Adam and Eve, as that was ordered much later on, and the Bible never says that God killed a lamb in place of their death.

                If you look at that verse from a standpoint of Adam dying spiritually, that also is not correct as the word in its root form is quite literal.

                 The word for ‘die’ in Genesis 2:17 is מוּת Muth – To die, kill, have one executed.

                The word (nek-ros’ g3498) that actually means ‘metaphorically, spiritually dead’ is found in Romans, where it talks about dying to sin, and has nothing to do with Adam.  


                So then, God did not lie or change His mind, yet we see that Adam did not die on the very same day… unless of course he died according to God’s time. Peter very clearly reiterated Psalms when he said that “A thousand years is as a day to God”. The root word ‘day’ in Genesis 2:17 is ‘yowm’ (H3117) meaning ‘day(s)-time-age’. Therefore, the word ‘day’ for Adams death does not necessarily have to mean a twenty-four-hour period of time.

 Adam died just short of his thousandth year, so according to God’s time, Adam died on the “same day”.  


                Let’s look at Hosea. In chapter six he says “Come, and let us return to the Lord, for He has torn and He shall heal us; He smites, and He will bind us up. He will revive us from the two days, on the third day He will set us up, and we will live before Him”. This passage talking about the last destruction and punishment of Israel (70 A.D.) has been one of the only unexplainable passages EXCEPT for those who look at it from a millennia perspective. Then, it becomes a pretty simple prophecy which can be worded simply as this -

                ‘After two thousand years, the nation of Israel will revive and then on the ‘third day’ or the last thousand years we will live in the presence of Christ”.


                Luke 13:32 is another oddly detailed passage, and also one where the passage starts off with a ‘PAY ATTENTION’ just like the passage in Peter.  Jesus spoke, Pay attention: today and tomorrow I am driving out demons and healing people, and on the third day I reach my goal.”

                This verse has the same ring to it as the one in Hosea. It is another hard one to explain unless its from a millennia light. ‘For two days (two thousand years) Christ will heal hearts and save the lost, and on the third day He will reach His goal and reign eternally with us’.

                  On an interesting note, Jesus very specifically was in the grave for two days and on the third day rose and returned to the people.

                Now if He left life in the world for two days and returned to it on the third, could this also be a symbolic foreshadow of Him leaving for two millennia and returning on the third? 


                                                                                                  PROPHETIC STORIES:


                Every small – specifically detailed sentence in the Bible, is usually the most important and prophetic sentence that we should pay the most attention to.

                Let’s take the battle of Jericho as an example. Ever notice just how odd that whole march was? I never understood the significance of the story, but let’s read it through. And again remember, that usually the most specific details that God gave were foreshadows of something to come later.

                “March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have the whole army give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the army will go up, everyone straight in.”

                Let’s put it into these same words. For six days/six thousand years, life continued - sin continued. Then, on the brink of ‘Sheva’, seven trumpets were sounded and on the last sound of the seventh trumpet the city collapses from a huge earthquake, the Ark is seen and a massive army with a loud shout ascends on the people.

                Sounds exactly like what we just read in Joshua. The only difference being, I just reiterated what takes place in Revelation 8:11. Considering the end of ‘Jericho’ took place on the seventh day, and the entire story is a foreshadow of what’s to take place in the Last Day, then we could very well see the end of the ‘World’ on the seventh day as well.


                Another example is when Moses went up to Mount Sinai to meet God, he was commanded to wait six days, and only ascend on the seventh. Why??

                Because it is such a small yet detailed part in the story, it is likely a prophecy or a parallel as that is the way it works for most of the Bible.  When Moses ascended to God on the seventh day, could that be a parallel to the Rapture just like it is with John in Revelation being ‘taken up in the spirit’?

                Just like Moses’s ascent, Jesus and his three disciples ascended the mountain on the seventh day where He was transfigured before them. (Matt. 17)

                At the end of the chapter 16 Jesus spoke about His Return and then the next words written are ‘after the sixth day’. Could that have lined up perfectly to be a symbolic foreshadow as well?




                So if everything we have talked about so far hints to a seven millennium world, where are we at in that timeline today? There have been numerous dates set for the ‘end of the world’ over the past two thousand years. All of the dates have come and gone with no apocalypse, and the speaker looking a fool. What people forget when they set dates, is that no one knows the day or the hour. (Matthew 24:36) I firmly stick to that in this article as I am NOT setting dates or times for Christ’s return.

                However, I am giving the date of the arrival of the seventh millennium, as that is coming up. If Christ DOES return, know that I am not saying that ‘the day it turns to the seventh millennium is the day He comes back’. That could happen at any moment from today to leading up to it, or even after it.  The point is - that knowing the laws He set up with the year seven, and the significance of Zayin being the number/letter of the Messiah coming with a sword and crown, it just makes complete sense that the time around the seventh millennium wouldn’t be passed up.


                Knowing that, and seeing the seventh millennium rapidly approaching, it seems very plausible at this point that it could happen within our lifetime.

                Here is where we come to dates. Again, I am not setting any date of the Return, I am just stating the facts.

                We are about the year 5,976 since Adam, give or take a few years.  We will be hitting the 6,000th year in 2044 (give or take) as well as being bumped into the seventh millennium.

                Now if Christ does come back around year six thousand/seventh millennium, and He sets up his kingdom on earth for a thousand years, that would make the eternal age happen around year seven thousand, the year of complete rest. Not only would it be year 7,000, but the eighth millennium - Chet would then come, starting a new beginning into eternity. 

                Seems to add up pretty well yes?

                Here is another popular theory. From Adam to Abraham was two thousand years. From Abraham (start of the Jewish people) to Jesus was two thousand years. It will have been two thousand years from Jesus (start of the Gentile people) to today somewhere between 2027-2033. The theory taught with this example is that if Jesus came and ended the ‘Jewish hour’ than the same thing could be said about Jesus returning after the same amount of time to end the ‘Gentile’s hour’. (“They will fall by the sword and will be taken as prisoners to all the nations. Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.”) Luke 21:24.


                Being somewhere around 20-24 years away from the seventh millennia, (whether or not Christ comes back) we should be seeing some drastic changes happening to the world, crisis related.

* The population today is over seven billion people, but by 2050 we should be just under ten billion and according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization there will not be enough food on the planet to sustain that many people, and therefore it is expected to run out of food sources by then, if not sooner.

* All of the ice in the Arctic is expected to be completely gone for good by 2050, which will cause huge problems for the eco-system.

* Technology advancement and nuclear advancement within the next thirty years is terrifying. All you need to do is plug that into google and see for yourself.

* Testosterone in men in the last 33 years has declined by 66%. Each year its declining by 1.2% so before too long, testosterone will an extinct hormone making men not that much physically different from women.


                The fact is being that this world cannot survive another hundred, eighty or even sixty years the way it is heading. Knowing that, it makes this two-thousand-year old theory even that more plausible seeing the seventh millennium creeping up.

                So then if we have around twenty years left before we hit the seventh ‘day’, might it be a time that falls on a Biblical Shmita (every seven years) or Jubilee (seven cycles of seven) Year?

                On September 8th, 2040 there is a massively rare celestial event taking place in the sky, one where all the seven visible wandering planets are grouping along with the sun and a new moon in the constellation Virgo.

                 Virgo is the woman in the sky according to Revelation 12:1. (“A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.”)

                Now, this is a super rare event but definitely one that has happened before. What makes this one so rare and special is that the grouping of planets, falls directly in line with a NEW moon, on the eighth of September – which is the night that begins the Day of Trumpets, (the Jewish New Year) beginning year 6,000 and bumping us into the seventh millennium.


                I am not saying that the ‘End’ or the Rapture will be taking place on this date. What I am saying however is that this is a massive sign, that is not coincidental. Maybe it will be the time that starts the countdown to the end, I don’t know.

                 What we do know though, is that seven years later (length of the tribulation?) in 2047-48, the Biblical year of complete restoration will take place… the Jubilee Year.

                Again, I am not saying that these dates are the end, because the Rapture could happen at any moment in time. The Tribulation does not necessarily come immediately after the Rapture, as that is not written. So even though seven years after the planet grouping, day of trumpets, and year 6,000 - the Jubilee Year happens, that does not mean that the Rapture itself would take place exactly seven years prior.



                            To wrap this all up, lets take one last brief look at everything that was talked about.

                        *  Vav, Zayin and Chet are all significant letters that together represent the second coming of the Messiah. Six, the rule of man, Seven, the coming of the King, Eight, a ‘marriage’ between the two and a start of new life.

                         *  Several stories in the Bible are prophetic shadows of what’s to come, and most have to do with waiting six days and ascending/victory on the seventh.

                        *   With Jesus’s first coming, death came to Him on the sixth day, He rested in the grave on the seventh, and on the eighth day of the week rose to life and created a new beginning.

                        *   The same will happen with the Second coming. Death will come to the earth, rest will happen for a thousand years, and then the New Beginning will take place.


                         *  If God sees time as a thousand years to a day, then we are living at the end of ‘Friday’, just about to enter ‘Saturday’ the Sabbath, the day of rest.


                           Whether or not we see Christ’s return between now and the next 20-30 years, we are certainly closer than ever to His return. The Jewish people have arrived back home for the first time since Christ, knowledge is increasing rapidly, and we are now at such a state of technology and a government-reliance to make the power of the Anti-Christ that much more real and able to happen.

                           If anything gets taken from this article, make sure that it is preparedness and readiness for Christ to come back at any second, because remember, we do not necessarily have another twenty years before He comes back.


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Sparring Tai Chi-Chen New Frame Routine 2 for Fitn...


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Tai chi, short for T'ai chi ch'üan or Tàijí quán (Chinese: ???,???; pinyin: Tàijí quán), is a traditional Chinese martial art which combines mind and awareness of our body, the deep diaphragmatic ...

1 hrs 26.53 mins 0 Students Enrolled 12 Lectures


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Simple Gardening Techniques

Amy Pearl

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Learn how to dry, save and preserve your seeds from the garden. See the differences between a good harvest time for the plant and plants past harvest time. Learn how to tell if you have viable seed...

23.31 mins 0 Students Enrolled 3 Lectures


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Amazing Classic Yi Jin Jing (Muscle and Tendon Enh...


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YI JIN JING QI GONG ??? Yì jin jing Classic Chinese Muscle Tendon Stretching Qi Gong.  The Yijin Jing (simplified Chinese: ???; traditional Chinese: ???; pinyin: Yìjinjing; Wade–Giles: I Chin Ching...

1 hrs 11.52 mins 3 Students Enrolled 11 Lectures

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Tai Chi Qi Gong Fitness for Office -Ba Duan Jin Qi...


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Eight-Section Silken Stretching Qi Gong. Baduanjin qigong ???; variously translated as Eight Pieces of Brocade, Eight-Section Brocade, Eight Silken Movements or Eight Silk Weaving, the name of the ...

1 hrs 5.1 mins 0 Students Enrolled 8 Lectures


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