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Types Of Marketing Clients 06 February, 2021   



The market is full of opportunities and acquiring potential clients demands a lot of planning and work. In the current market, the clients are also of different variety and come up with different expectations.

Managing them is also a great task to maintain clientele demands skills and work these days.


For better management, one needs to be acquainted with clientele variety. There are different processes and plans to manage them as the same plan will not be effective in every scenario and with every clientele.


There are various clients in the current industry, each with its own personality, priorities, brand strategies, tastes, and fund plans.

To maintain a better clientele, it is crucial to cope with the expectations of clients, which will create a better relationship between the agency and clients. It will also assist in choosing the best practice to serve them best.



The below-mentioned clientele types are the ones that are encountered in the majority of scenarios.




1) Great Ideas, Confused Demands.”



These clients come up with great ideas, but their demands are skeptical, as their broad vision and expectations put them in a dilemma. The biggest obstacle while working with them is to fulfill their aspirations and understand their vision & deal with both in a limited time frame.

They rely on one idea but also look for other options that will facilitate their demands. It also often gets challenging to get exact feedback while dealing with them as their vast focus and vision creates a struggle.

Diligence in regards to management is demanded to keep things on track and productize the idea.

They are proven long-term in the majority of cases and are focused on values rather than the business.




2) “I am Priority.”



They demand to be at the top in all terms as they need all the resources of the agency, such as focus and time. Their appearance is repetitive and necessary, and they expect the communication to be immediate and as per their schedule. 

They keep on looking for the options available as their satisfaction is often challenging to deliver, which eventually changes their choices regarding the agencies as their commitment to any particular agency can’t be assured.


While dealing with this clientele type, one needs to be work within limited grounds and also have to develop their expertise command, which needs to be considered while working with the projects.

Focusing on a particular objective is a great way to work with them as they often walk away when the best is not delivered to them.


Their skepticism the obstacle which must be tackled as they don’t leave the whole job to the agency and always keep on questioning the process from the beginning to the termination of the project.




3) “Give me ASAP.”



Their demands are urgent as they always carry this aura of urgency with them, speed and application are their priority. 

One has to work fast and hard to meet their expectations as their demands are more, but the time for the work is not provided enough.

The quality of work is compromised, and the quality work is not delivered due to the sake of the deadline.


Their approach is vague and comes up with a lack of clear gist of their expectations due to their absent-minded reach, as they focus solely on urgency.


It is recommended to raise the query at the beginning of the work regarding their hurry & to make them feel assured about their work and delivery as good things always take time.




4) This will surely work



These clients always emphasize their tactics rather than the agencies and always recommend the traditional process to work with the things which have assisted them in delivering success.

The tactics executed are often out of the box, such as focusing on the trends such as creating memes and viral videos for the sake of creating a place for their brand, which often results in adverse.

The concern regarding the working model of the agency is one of the priorities as they demand to follow the same traditional model.


The term “hoppers” also suits perfectly to them as they keep on jumping from one idea to another without looking at the structure, which makes the process struggling and creates obstacles in terms of focusing.


Agency must follow a straight-forward & must work to the point by cutting the chase, as this will be logical and will be of better understanding for both parties.

The best successful way to earn their trust is to showcase the previous successful projects and testimonials as this provides credibility in the working model, which will be carried by the agency.






The clientele variety is a significant concern these days as during the management, it is a major factor worth considering.

Better exposure to the clientele variety always assists in tackling several obstacles and also selecting the best practice to work while working, which will be proven fruitful for both the agencies.






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