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Travel Essentials: Luggage GPS Tracker 09 November, 2020   

Missing luggage is a traveler’s worst nightmare! Imagine getting excited about a trip, only to find out that your bags are nowhere to be found upon arrival. What a bummer that would be for your vacation. That is why when planning for your next out of town, it would be wise to add a luggage GPS tracker to your list of essentials.

Finding a GPS tracker for your luggage is relatively easy. In fact, there are tons of available tracking devices online. But, there are a few things you need to know before purchasing one. After all, a GPS tracker is one good lifetime investment if you find a machine that will last long.

Before you start browsing for your options, you first need to understand how a GPS tracker works. By doing so, you will exactly know what the best or most suitable device that is fit for your needs is.

A GPS tracker is a tracking device that utilizes the Global Positioning System. Now, you are probably familiar that GPS can know exactly where you are. But, only a few people know what actually makes the system work.

GPS tracking devices operate by receiving radio frequencies from at least four out of 30 satellites orbiting above earth. After the tracker calculates the time it takes for the signal to reach its receiver, it will then know its exact distance from the satellites. Since the receivers are programmed to know exactly where the satellites are at any given time, it will use that information compared to when it acquires the signals and pinpoints your accurate location.

Aside from that, you should also understand that GPS works well in open spaces. Meaning, signals can get interrupted when the GPS tracker is in an area that has a lot of buildings surrounding it. Hence, you need to find a device that has good network coverage. In this way, you ensure that your GPS tracker will still work even if your bags are in a very enclosed space.

The best GPS tracker for your luggage

When you buy a GPS tracker, the last thing you would like to happen is for it not to be functional during your travels. That is why you need a durable device that has smart features. That is exactly what the GPS tracker from Amcrest provides.

Amcrest’s GPS trackers are the most reliable tracking device for your luggage. It has a lightweight and compact design that is packed with reliable and efficient properties. Because of that, you can literally take it anywhere to track anything.

Below are the key characteristics which make Amcrest’s GPS tracker perfect for tracking your luggage:

4G LTE Coverage

The most notable feature of this GPS tracker is its 4G LTE network. Meaning, it has extensive coverage and can produce fast real-time reports. Because of that, you can enjoy unlimited notifications concerning your luggage’s whereabouts, even if it is in a confined space. Hence, you have practically an uninterrupted monitoring solution for your valuables.

Sleek but durable design

An Amcrest’s GPS tracker is designed to fit in the palm of your hands strategically. Its dimensions are somewhat similar to a standard matchbox. But most importantly, you can purchase a GPS tracker that comes with an IPX5 weatherproof casing. Hence, you do not have to worry about your tracking device going offline when water touches it. Why? Because the casing can literally withstand even direct jets of water.

Accessible GPS tracking application

Another feature that many users of Amcrest’s GPS tracker have is its GPS tracking application with an intuitive user interface. Unlike other tracking apps in the market, the one that comes with a GPS tracker from Amcrest provides premium mapping services capable of processing unlimited data notification with minimal delay.

The tracker’s application is also compatible with any device. Meaning, you can install the software in your personal computer, smartphone, and tablets, no matter if it is powered by Apple, Android, or Windows. Therefore, allowing you to track your belongings more conveniently.

When you combine all of these characteristics, you have a powerful GPS tracker that can locate your luggage anywhere, anytime. You do not have to worry about ever losing your belongings during a trip. Hence, you will have a more enjoyable vacation free of stress.

Everyone needs to take a rest once in a while. That is why taking a vacation or two from time to time is one of the best ways to escape the burdens of the corporate world. Also, traveling lets people discover more about the world and themselves. 

But of course, it is important always to keep your belongings in check. That is why you must attach a GPS tracker on your luggage or practically any other travel item that you do not want to lose. And when doing so, do not forget to choose a GPS tracker that is long-lasting and efficient.


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