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Top Robotics Companies To Watch: 10 Superstars 23 February, 2019   

Robotic companies are making progress by leaps and bounds. They have revolutionized the robotic technologies. Artificial intelligence is a core ingredient behind producing these groundbreaking results and it is because robotics has a vibrant style of defining intelligence. Every rising sun brings the invention of a new robot that is designed to ease our lives. Competition is getting high with time, and the infinite possibilities of robots are playing a key role in our society.Many top robotics companies are marking their name in the surprising robotic world. Here we will share the list of some top most robotics companies for the better understanding.

1. iRobot:

When we talk about the top robotics companies, the name of iRobot comes at the top of the list. This company was founded in 1990, and three MIT graduates were the founder of this company. The main purpose of this company is to build robots for space exploration and defense, but it also deals with consumer robots. These consumer robots can perform plenty of indoor and outdoor tasks. Roomba is an award-winning robot that belongs to the family of mopping robots. It was appreciated a lot by the people. This is a leading company that deals with consumer robots.

2. Shenzhen YueJiang Technology Co. LTD:

This is among the top robotics companies in the world centered in China. Six industrial robot engineers founded this company who were dreaming of building multitasking desk robots at low expense. They believe that one day these multitasking office robots will appear on everyone’s desk. They have surprised the world with their Dobot Magician robot. This is a robotic arm that holds extendable interfaces, and it has compatible end heads. When you are intended to pick and place, again and again, it proves quite handy for you. The chances of error are quite rare.

3. Rokid Corporation, LTD:

This corporation was founded in 2014 with more than 70 staff members. The members belonged to different educational backgrounds, some of them were having master degrees and working experiences in robotics while others were familiar with artificial intelligence. Now this company has its offices in California, Hangzhou, and Beijing. This company has also established its research institute in San Francisco and Beijing where face identification, image processing, and many other tasks have been performed. This corporation has got fame with time, and it is known among the successful robotics companies.

4. Mitsubishi Electric:

Mitsubishi Electric is a well-known company that marks its place in the list of top robotics companies. It was founded in 1921. And it has been producing a wide range of robotic systems since 1980. These robotic systems are armed with productivity, and they help in the manufacturing process due to their high speed and performance. Mitsubishi has also introduced Codian Robotics. These are exclusively delta style robotics that can amaze the world with their performance. It has introduced many others worth mentioning products like MELFA FR series, RP series, RV-F-D series, etc.

5. Omron Adept Technologies:

This is an US-based industrial robotic company which is also known as the largest robotic company of US. This company offers plenty of intelligent automation products for its users. It was founded in 1948, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.  Its major products include industrial robots, mobile robots, etc. It facilitates with other automation equipment too like application software, systems and machine visions in addition to the robotics. The Omron Corporation availed the services of Adept Technology Inc. to form this unit. Cobras, eCobra, Hornet, Viper are the successful products of this company.

6. Touch Bionics:

The company Touch Bionics is entitled to bring prosthetics in the mobile age. I-limb ultra revolution is a breathtaking complex bionic hand.  This is the first bionic hand that can be controlled with the help of an app. This company is known for its remarkable innovations in the robotics world.

7. Rethink Robotics:

Rethink robotics presented their first Baxter in 2012 and it was a jarringly humanoid robot. It was a quite promising robot. It was a touch, screen-face, two armed robots and it was able to learn the recurring tasks instantly. It was designed to work with human beings without posing any injury to them. Cost of this robot was remarkably very low, and it was quite handy in performing many routine tasks.  But Rethink Robotics also delivered the upgraded software of Baxter in 2013. It allowed the academic customers to design the application with their own choice. Hundreds of models were sold in the market, and people appreciated this Baxter very much.

8. Grey Orange:

Well, the name of the Grey Orange is not new in the robotics industry. This company is known for designing and manufacturing the up to date robotic system. These systems are specially designed for logistics and supply chain management that also include warehouse mechanization and fulfillment centers. Initially, this company was founded in 2011. The headquarter of this company is in Singapore. But it has extended its working empire. Now it is also operating in UAE, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, and India. This company has earned a great name in the robotics world due to its amazing work.

9. Universal Robots:

When the name of top-notch robotic companies is taken, the name of Universal Robots cannot be overlooked. This company produces a robotic arm that is very flexible. It proves quite handy in performing numerous day to day production activities. It can be easily distinguished from the other products that are available in the market. This is so because it is very light in weight.  A layperson can easily operate the program of this robot even without knowing this technology. It can be easily moved from one place to another in the production department. The biggest advantage of these robots is that they can be easily utilized by small and medium scale companies in the production process. There is no need of expertise to handle these robots.


In the world of Robotics, Robotiq is a unique entity. Robotiq is entitled to create tools that are used by the robots. Robotiq has a most famous line that is known with the name of Universal Robots UR. Robotiq is used to make a sequence of add-ons that help the functionality of robotic arms. There is only the need for plugging the products in. This company is known for its four main flagship products. These four famous products are robotic hand with three fingers, grippers with two fingers; a camera vision system for the recognition of objects and a sensor with force touch. Many companies are desirous of implementing these robots at their working place; they can seek help from Robotiq Custom program templates.  It is quite beneficial for many common applications.


Airtract-ImageSo this is a list of top robotics companies that are working successfully in the market. It is a matter of the fact that robots are penetrating in our lives. They are working for people in multiple laboratories, warehouses, offices, and industries. This is so because they are very useful and they can help us in different ways. Robots help in boosting the economy because businesses need efficient working to cope up with the growing market competitions. Robots cannot perform every type of task but they are quite useful in performing many jobs. It is sure that in the future, technology will help to introduce the new features of these robots. Let's wait and watch.

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