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Top 7 Must-Have Apps for Nurse Practitioners in 2021 18 February, 2021   

If you are looking for some effective tools to make your nursing practice faster and more accurate, this is the right place to start. There are plenty of apps for every field and profession including nursing. Check this page to find out must-have apps for nurse practitioners! 

Introduction: Why Should We Use Apps?

According to the 2020 Gallup poll, nursing was ranked as one of the most ethical and honest professions. Thus, to deliver high standards of service, nurses are doing their best to address a great many issues. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to keep in mind numerous details. So, you need to check some information to deliver effective care and qualified assistance. But where can we find reliable reference tools which aggregate the necessary data? Most of us have smartphones that offer plenty of medical apps to choose from. They can make the life of a nurse practitioner easier, giving an opportunity to check any information in a second.

Nurses deal with a lot of stress every day. Besides, they have to pick things up, but sometimes it is not that easy to recall particular facts and details. Thus, apps help us to save time and bring a situation under control. Even if you are a quick learner, some patients might appreciate it when you share relevant information with them. In this case, the apps can also be helpful to explain what you are doing. 

Overall, medical apps for nurse practitioners significantly improve your performance efficiency as they provide you with immediate access to evidence-based and useful content. That is why we prepared a list of must-have apps for nurse practitioners in 2021.

The Best Apps for Nurse Practitioners

Sanford Guide (Android, IOS)

Sanford Guide aggregates materials on antimicrobial therapy. The content includes various topics such as syndromes, pathogens, drugs, prevention. You can check quick links, medication, tables, and tools as well as search for random terms. Besides, this app offers links to medical journals, dosing calculators, customizable and interactive algorithms. The content is well-organized and updated every month.

Electronic Preventive Services Selector (Android, IOS, Windows)

This app provides nurse practitioners with an opportunity to check the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommendations. You can indicate the risk factors of a particular patient by browsing various terms such as demographics (sex, age, and etc.). Also, the app allows bookmarking particular recommendations and setting alerts for updates. It helps nurses to provide preventive medical services, counseling, and screening. The content is mainly based on the data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

CDC Mobile (Android, IOS)

This app will be useful for nurse practitioners as well as for students. It comprises medical podcasts, stories, articles, clinical statistics on diseases, insurance, risk factors, population, injuries, and etc. CDC is regularly updated and aggregates all current healthcare information. You can read clinical blogs, check mortality and morbidity reports, and learn how to treat little-known illnesses as well.

Epocrates (Android, IOS)

This is one of the best reference apps, providing a lot of tools as well as a network for clinicians and nurse practitioners. In Epocrates, you can get assistance in selecting diagnostic codes (ICD-9, ICD-10), check various clinical guidelines, identify pills, explore alternative medicine, and so on. The app provides access to a great many calculators, risk scores, and tools. Besides, you can check insurance coverage, browse alternatives, find out the latest news, and review expert content (articles, research papers, and etc.).

UpToDate (Android, IOS, Windows)

This is a popular app for clinicians, nurse practitioners, and medical students, providing a variety of tools, information, and educational materials. It aggregates medical calculators, links to research articles, best practice recommendations, drug interactions, guidelines, and etc. Besides, UpToDate includes over 1 500 handouts to educate your patients or prepare for exams. What makes it special is that you can earn continuing education credits by researching specific information on the app.

Geriatrics at Your Fingertips (Android, IOS)

According to the World Population Aging 2020 Highlights, prepared by the United Nations, the number of people aged 65 and over is expected to double by 2050. That is why geriatrics assumes greater importance for nurse practitioners. Thanks to the American Geriatrics Society, we can rely on this app providing access to all relevant content related to the healthcare of elderly people. Geriatrics at Your Fingertips includes medical guidelines, treatment algorithms, tables, and various calculators.

VisualDx (Android, IOS)

This app is designed to provide diagnostic clinical decision support. VisualDx allows improving the diagnostic accuracy by searching via symptoms, medication, visual clues, and patient's diagnosis. It also includes a diagnosis builder and the archive of medical images that illustrate disease variations by body location, age, immune status, and skin type. The app is aimed at avoiding misdiagnosing patients. Thus here you can find images distinguishing different levels of disease severity for people of particular ethnicities.


The digital world makes the activity of any professional easier to drive including nurse practitioners. It is quite unusual to see a nurse that does not use smart devices like smartphones or tablets. Apps for nurse practitioners give you an opportunity to monitor the latest news and trends, keep aware of updates on professional documentation and methods of treatment, and identify diseases. Besides, they are really helpful in education and training as you can find out a lot of relevant materials for your academic papers. 

Nursing students greatly benefit from medical apps as they provide the full array of necessary information and education opportunities. But sometimes additional assistance is essential to produce academic papers of high quality. In this case, I would recommend turning to a professional custom writing service, for example, Get Nursing Essay. Experts with nursing degrees are out to help you with writing, editing, and proofreading your papers at affordable prices.

On a final note, the digital revolution affected the number of smartphones and removed many obstacles for nursing practitioners to adopt the latest information technologies. Thus, using the apps listed above will make your work easier and more accurate.

Nurse practitioners apps

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