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Top 5 Toddler Travel Essentials You Shouldn't Leave Home 05 August, 2020   

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Spending time with a toddler is an unmatched experience. The baby’s smile and playful movements, burping and diaper change, tantrums, and tears stay etched in the parents' memory. The joy is overwhelming and priceless. Before taking the baby for a walk, it is essential to know a few travel essentials for the baby's comfort. Let us see what they are.

  1. Baby Carrier:

A newborn needs his moments of strolling around in the garden or market. The first thing that worries parents is the safety of the pram and the weight. There are lightweight toddler carriers available. When buying them, keep the body weight of your baby in mind.

Width of the baby stroller and the sunshade size are important criteria as well when buying a baby carrier. If you plan to take your baby along by air, go in for a baby carrier backpack. Equipped with a harness and a pillow, it is enough for your baby’s rest time. Backpack carriers are a great option if you plan to go hiking along with your babies. For your car trips, roof racks are a good way to cart the baby carrier.      

  1. Diaper Bag:

If your toddler has not been able to learn potty training, then make a diaper bag your first shopping preference. It is one of the foremost necessities of a toddler during travel.

The diaper bag should contain disposable wet wipes, extra set of clothes, baby bump cream, diaper rash cream and hand sanitiser. They should be dermatologically tested, unscented and alcohol-free.        

Baby wipes also come with custom-made features like aloe vera to give a moisturising feel to your baby’s bumps. Disposable wipes also help wipe off the dirt, grime, porridge stains on your munchkin’s clothes.   

  1. Baby Blanket:

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Apart from clothes and diapers, the next thing to arrange is toddler bedding. Babies need extra care with the changing season. With the onset of winters, a small sneeze or cough can send signals of fever or chest congestion in babies. Warm bedding for the toddlers becomes very important.  

Hunt for a quality woollen blanket for your tiny tots to cover them from head to toe. It will protect them from the winter chill and give them a peaceful sleep. Pick a blanket that gives adequate warmth to your toddler without making them feel uncomfortable. Avoid picking a blanket which gives an excess of heat or chill.

  1. Travel Toothbrush:  

The toddler’s hygiene habits are as much a concern to a loving mom as much as the baby’s diet. Toddlers may not welcome the idea of brushing their teeth. But that is nothing to lose your sleep on.  There are innovative ways to make the toddlers know and follow the habit of a daily toothbrush.

An electric travel toothbrush is not for the robots, but for our cute little babies. They come with holographic stickers which make brushing a joyful experience for the tiny tots. The electric toothbrush also comes with a timer option so that your child doesn’t exceed the set time limit. Since it is battery-operated (even the toothbrush head is replaceable) and re-usable, this new way of brushing the teeth of your toddler is so much fun. The electric travel toothbrush comes in cool colours and power modes. The regular speed is for normal teeth and if your baby has sensitive teeth, then the slow speed electric toothbrush is suitable. A cute toothbrush which runs on power takes the teeth brushing habit to a new level.  

  1. Water Sipper:

Water sipper makes the water drinking experience of little hands easy and effortless. The soft silicone spout and easy to grip handles prevent water spilling off on baby’s cloth. They come in different shapes and spouts so you can select the best for your child.

A spout is not a necessary feature in a sipper. Some sippers come with comfortable handles on both the sides for easy grip. See your baby’s comfort and then decide on the spout or sprout-less version.

Extra Tips for Toddler Travel:

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Here are some valuable suggestions to help you make your toddler travel easy-going and stress-free.   

  • Put your toddlers on sippy cups once they start eating semi-solid to solid food. When your baby is six months old, then you can put your baby on a sipper.

  • Getting your toddler to learn sipping habits takes some time. Choose the right cup, and it will help your baby to drink water without any problem.        

  • Keep motivating the child to sip water to stay hydrated, especially in summers.   

  • Get a doodle board to keep your toddler busy in the day. It is a good learning practice and will help build concentration and attention in your toddler.

  • A pair of crocs on the feet is a must-have for a toddler for its utilitarian and functional benefits. It is easy to wear and clean, come in vibrant colours and are sturdy at the same time.       

  • Toys in the form of toy cars and blocks are a must to entertain your toddler. Avoid buying plastic toys as they come with their health hazards. Stuffed toys help the tiny tots pick up expressive skills like happiness, joy, bonding at a young age.   


Having a toddler at home doubles the joy of the parents. While the pre-maternity phase is a loving experience for would-be parents, the delivery of a child brings many hopes for the couple. There are countless things a toddler needs daily other than love, care and bonding. Make sure the items of necessity you buy for your toddler are safe and easy to use. 

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