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Top 5 robotic gadgets you would love to bring at home!!! 17 March, 2021   

The partnership of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics has gained a lot of momentum in the recent years. Robots which are considered to be the best gift of science to the mankind have gained a lot of popularity not only in the industries but also in homes, schools, restaurants, hotels etc. And Artificial Intelligence has given a significant contribution in this regard. The collaboration of AI and robotics along with the advancements in IOT has provided the world with a much better quality of living. Have a look at the following robots which you would definitely like to bring at home:-


A STEM educational robot for kids, comes with the modular building blocks that gives you the option of building a new set-up based on your imagination. It climbs, dances, crawls, chases ball and does everything to bring a smile on your face. A new concept of “No Coding Robotics” and a friendly drag and drop coding interface gives a new approach of STEM learning. An excellent teacher with his super cool personality makes it a lovable family member.

DrawBo :-

DrawBo, a portable, light-weight and compact drawing robot, is a complete artist in itself. This is a very smart robot which has immense potential to amaze you every now and then. Ask “DrawBo”  to decorate your window panes or glass doors with your favourite design and see the magic. Use this artificial butterfly to make a custom design on favourite apparels like T-Shirt or Jersey shirt. You can think about this robot when you want to make a sketch of your favourite pet or personality or portrait of your family. It brings out the creativity among the kids through the medium of drawing. You can ask “DrawBo” to teach you drawing and it is happy to become a drawing tutor.


An Artificially Intelligent robot which possesses all the qualities of becoming your kid’s best friend. Roybi can play, sing and dance with you and your family to create happy moments for everyone. It is a personal tutor for kids which can teach them about animals, literature, food, music , seasons etc and helps in developing the critical thinking and problem solving skills among the kids. All this develops self-confidence and helps the kids to unleash their potential at the very beginning.


Miko is an Advanced Personal Robots for kids that engages them in playful activities, educates them and takes care of their moods. Singing and dancing, narrating stories make the children feel happy. Miko takes care about the complete academic development of the kids. As the kids grow up, so does Miko. The interactive school sessions by this wonderful teacher makes learning, a fun filled activity for the kids.

DrawBo sketching drawing t-shirt writing glass drawing drawing tutor

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